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(Newswire.net — April 26, 2016) Valencia, CA — Lower back pain and cervical pain can be severely debilitating conditions that can often cause considerable pain and distress. For most people, the condition results in an overall reduction in the quality of life. In more extreme cases, the ability to work is significantly impaired, and even day-to-day tasks become exceedingly difficult–if not totally impossible–to perform. 

Dr. Grewal is aware of the difficulties and challenges caused by lower back and cervical pain. A noted anesthesiologist who operates his own pain management clinic in Valencia, California, Dr. Grewal has been called upon to treat numerous cases of lower back and cervical pain throughout his nearly 40-year career. For Dr. Grewal, working to ensure the pain-free condition of the patient is essential to quick and effective recovery. 

One of the most effective treatments for lower back pain and cervical pain is the administration of an epidural steroid injection (ESI). Commonly prescribed for low back and leg pain, ESIs have been administered to patients since 1952, when they were introduced as a treatment solution for dealing with lower back pain. Even today, more than six decades after the treatment was introduced, ESIs continue to be an integral part of non-surgical pain management for sciatica and lower back pain patients. 

The primary objective in ESI treatment is to provide pain relief as soon as possible. This is an especially important concern when it comes to pain management, wherein the main goals are to reduce the suffering of the patient and to help hasten the return to normal routine. For pain management specialists such as Dr. Grewal, reducing pain as soon as possible may also prevent further injury, which itself is an integral part of speeding up the healing process.  

In the vast majority of pain-related cases, ESIs provide instantaneous relief. In fact for most patients, ESIs may be the only form of treatment needed. However, there are instances wherein it may be necessary to augment ESI treatment with physical therapy and other treatment procedures as part of a more comprehensive rehabilitation and pain management program. For patients suffering from chronic pain-related conditions, this broader scope approach to treatment can provide a considerable measure of relief that makes a quick return to normal routine possible. 

ESIs are especially useful for patients that experience an acute episode of back or leg pain. For such patients, the administration of an ESI reduces pain to such a degree that it becomes possible to undergo a rehabilitative stretching and exercise program that will provide even more long-term benefits. 

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Dr. Narinder Grewal, MD is a board-certified anesthesiologist who operates a clinic in Valencia and a few other locations in California. Currently licensed to practice medicine in the state, Dr. Grewal is affiliated with the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital. His primary area of specialization is pain management, a field in which he has practiced for almost 40 years.

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