‘Forever Running’ Becomes 19-Year- Old Author’s Third 5-Star Novel

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(Newswire.net — April 27, 2016) Lostock Hall, Preston — After just one month on the market, UK-based Bethany Jane Speight’s third release, ‘Forever Running’ has already amassed 5-star reviews on the world’s largest online shopping platform. After the success of her first two novels, ‘It’s Right in Front of You’ and ‘Twenty Things’, Bethany Jane Speight explains how rave reviews for her debut works inspired her to experiment with her third novel. Speaking at a recent press conference, the 19-year- old stated: “My first two novels haven’t even been out for an entire year, and they’re already hugely successful. The release of ‘Forever Running’ was just a natural progression to my career: people love my storylines, they love my characters and people my age seem to really be inspired by my work. This novel is slightly different to the others, and has slightly different undertones, so it will be really great to hear what people think to this one.”

Whilst all three novels are predominantly aimed at a teenage audience, ‘Forever Running’ explores how the return of a childhood sweet-heart can effect an already turbulent teenage life.

Whilst one review for Speight’s latest novel simply reads: “Absolutely cannot wait for the next one! Keep up the good work Beth!”, another describes Speight as ‘the next Jackie Collins in waiting’, writing: “This teen romance book by Bethany Jane Speight is one of the best short books I have read in a long time. Would definitely recommend to anyone. It's hard to imagine Bethany is only nineteen years old and already has written three amazing teen romance books. Bethany is definitely my favourite young author, and I’m really looking forward to her next set of books”. Speight’s first three novels are available to purchase in both Kindle and paperback format on Amazon.com.


About Bethany Jane Speight

Bethany lives in Preston and got inspired to write by her grandad’s stories from when she was little about his childhood memories. With three books now published and now writing her fourth/fifth/sixth books, trilogy on it’s way. Bethany dreams that hopefully one day if she isn’t an author that she will be an actress.

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