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( — May 10, 2016) Addison, TX — With Sales Coach Chuck’s assistance, students learn to apply successful strategies for working smarter in less time. Combining his skills as a professional sales coach & executive management consultant, Chuck applies advanced sales strategies that help students work more efficiently using up-to-date sales and business strategies and tactics. Aspects of sales and business discussed include sales psychology, sales efficiencies, and sales tactics. Specific topics covered include understanding clients, overcoming objections, knowing how to close, using technology to produce time and communicate with clients, personal minimum standards, and referral-based marketing.

Always in demand, Chuck limits his coaching commitments to a few sales clients in order to maximize each individual’s results. In addition, Chuck conducts a two-stage interview process with applicants to deem their suitability for the program prior to acceptance into the program.

Utilizing the latest in technology, Chuck Bauer holds each session via a HD WebEx platform. Students view ongoing notes, Chuck’s desktop, his PowerPoint slides and get a bird’s-eye view of his Outlook and all his efficiency and tactical approaches done in real time.

This sales training program includes a six-month sales training program 100% customized to the student’s specific industry and specific challenges. The HD recorded sessions are eighteen 00:50 minute recorded sessions—3 sessions per month, and the session day and time remain the same throughout the six months. The student will download each session, and at the end of the course will have accumulated a video library of all training sessions to watch again at any time.

Specific homework is given and monitored between sessions. All communication is in the cloud, password protected, and completely secure. Through the cloud, the student also has access to Chuck’s entire student client base with 50+ c-level executives, sales managers, and 1000s of salespeople, and the 24/7 Help Desk. The student also benefits from a sales personality assessment, 100 special Chuck Bauer positive first impression books, daily monitoring of sales and business strategies implementation, and 24/7/365 emergency access to Chuck.

Chuck Bauer Sales Training & Business Consulting Company is responsible for more than 2600 LIVE HD recorded coaching sessions in the last three years, which makes Chuck Bauer Sales Training one of the world’s most proficient WebEx users. The Online Learning Center contains over eighty hours of sales and business content. Content is also available through the blog, social media platforms, and the 24/7 Mobile app accessible by texting BAUER to 313131, visiting or calling 855-740-7355. 

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