Making Money Selling Domains In 2016

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( — May 26, 2016) — Domain Names like have a price list of $90,000,000 and sold for $35.6 million in 2010. The initial investment for some of these domain names was less than $200 dollars.

Pundits have pointed out that domains going for a 6 or 7 figure amount were bought in the early and mid-1990s. There is a lot of sense in that but still the opportunities still abound in the millennium.

You can also make money by parking Domain names. Domain name investors have tens  to hundreds of domain names. These are often typed or searched domain names and they make money by placing PPC (pay-per-click) Google ads on them and get paid when someone clicks on the Ads.

Industries are changing, companies are springing up, trends and taste is cyclic and changing, Economies are in transition. All these spell opportunity to a domain name merchant in 2016.

Succeeding in domain name trading requires a lot of patience, insight, research and a little cash .the following will give some insight and consideration if you want to invest in Domain Names.


Keep it short and simple

  • You can use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner to generate a good domain name
  • Check availability and register the domain name. Insight and direction from domain name specialists like has over the years guided users to choosing and registering the right Domain Name that is best suited for their business.
  • Domain names with suffix like .com,.net, .org have been profitable but also be aware of geographic tagged suffix like, etc. and other new upcoming ones like . xyz.
  • Buy a domain name that consists of a business name, geographic names and generic names; it may be easier for you to sell them faster and at a good price.
  • Be an opportunist and track major events. For example, was bought for $13,000 and sold for $150,000.
  • You can also start by buying Dropped Domains (expired domains). Start with those with unique names and high page ranking. Learn more about Dropped Domains.
  • Be flexible. The porn, gambling and investment industry are topping the list of top domain name purchases in the US, it is wise to watch other upcoming sectors and industry and invest in them. Also note that countries and economy differ, so streamline your research to a country and its unique landscape.



1)      Have a fixed amount you want to sell

2)      Put up your domain name on domain trading sites.

3)      Invite bids from potential buyers and sell to the highest bidder

4)      You can also make an offer to potential Buyers.

Please note that it is illegal to purchase Domain names that have been Trademarked by a company or to steal an individual or company’s name and buy the domain.