Reed Restaurant Consulting Renovates Clovis Kitchen

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( — June 2, 2016) Roseville, California –Reed Restaurant Consulting, a company that provides restaurant consulting and equipment placement services, has been hired by the Clovis Culinary Center to design their commercial kitchen. The project is now in motion and is going smoothly.

The Clovis Culinary Center is a nonprofit organization that offers professional culinary business services to entrepreneurs who want to set up or expand their food-based business. Their commercial kitchen Reed Restaurant is currently working offers a variety of professional commercial equipment for preparing specialized products from start to completion. The nonprofit facility also offers hands-on technical assistance including seminars and workshops on basic food handling, marketing, social media, developing business plans, securing permits and licenses, obtaining a wholesale license, procuring contracts with government organizations as well as access to capital.

Reed Restaurant was hired by the Clovis Culinary Center in January 2016. They submitted the first set of plans for the commercial kitchen’s layout in February, which was then approved by the center’s board of directors a month later.

As a company that has been providing restaurant consulting services for over 16 years, the firm understands very well the needs of their clients—whether they be multi-unit franchise operators, independent restaurant owners, country clubs, markets, schools, hospital or churches—and works to affordably and creatively meet them.

The company understands that opening a restaurant can be overwhelming, which is why their team of restaurant consultants will help identify the most important considerations in opening a restaurant in California, including facility design and layout, concept assessment, marketing, and the food menu. They know exactly how to start a restaurant correctly from scratch, saving restaurant owners a lot of time and money.

Reed Restaurant also provides their consultation services to restaurant owners who are having trouble with their food business or simply want to renovate their existing facility. They can provide fresh and innovative ideas to improve their client’s business or determine new methods to enhance the efficiency of the business. They offer quick and effective exit strategies to owners who want to close their business as well.

The company does not only offer consultations, however. They utilize used restaurant equipment that will not break their clients’ budget. These used kitchen equipment are a lot more cost-effective than their brand new counterparts but function just as good. 

About Reed Consulting

R. R. Consulting is a California-based company that offers restaurant consultation services to independent restaurant owners and multi-unit franchise operators. Their consultation services include concept assessment, facility design, marketing and social media marketing, and the food menu. They also offer affordable restaurant equipment packages which combine reconditioned and brand new kitchen equipment to reduce costs.

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