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( — May 30, 2016) Kobe, Hyogo-ken — Stephen Frost, founder of SurgingLife, meditation teacher and brainwave entrainment specialist, has just released a fresh music soundtrack to study to, developed to heighten and enhance effective studying. The new piece combines knowledge of brainwave frequencies along with sound healing and other techniques to aid users in accessing the “Super Learning” state.

The “Super Learning” State

There are certain key mental and emotional characteristics which combine together in order to bring about the “Super Learning” state, one of the key ones is relaxation, a very specific type of relaxation. There are a variety of relaxed states that people go into, from light to deep along with a variety of other intangible characteristics.

To get to a point such as with “Super Learning” that level of relaxation requires a degree of detachment matched by feelings of wellbeing and inner peace. A point at which stress is naturally released and the mind is free to be at ease and calm. Stress is one of the main things that reduces study effectiveness, with anxiety being another major factor which is detrimental. Things that the right study music can very much help with.

Clearing Stress And Anxiety To Enable Effective Learning

The brainwave frequencies associated with peak mental activity run in the Beta range from 13 to 30 Hertz, within this range cognitive ability is said to be at its highest. The issue being that within Beta the perception and experience of stress, anxiety and paranoia are also elevated, and unless they are consciously controlled, which takes effort and thought to do, then the elevated levels of cognition serve little good.

Moving To A Better State Of Mind

Moving to deeper brainwave frequencies is thus beneficial as levels of stress, anxiety and paranoia can then be mitigated and brought to zero, a point at which the mind becomes a fertile place for learning and acquiring knowledge.

Alpha Waves

Next to Beta lies the Alpha brainwave frequency range, these are located in the 8 to 13 Hertz band. Within Alpha, the mind becomes far more positive and a light level of relaxation is experienced. It is a place where sensations of happiness and joy begin and it can be a good place for creative type work and problem solving that is outside the box. The mind is in a favourable state and still by going deeper an ever better state can be achieved.

Theta Waves And “Super Learning”

Further down below Alpha in the 4 to 8 Hertz range, Theta is found. Within this range a deep level of relaxation is possible, and sensations of inner peace and wellbeing are experienced along with a degree of detachment that causes stress and anxiety to flow away. This is where the opportunity for “Super Learning” occurs.

Within the “Super Learning” state the absence of stress and anxiety create a positive and supportive grounding for the acquisition of information and knowledge. Whereas in the higher brainwave ranges of Beta and Alpha people can come to the point of questioning what they are learning and whether what they think about it is right, Theta connects and supports. As a person undergoes studying whilst in Theta their mind starts to naturally connect things together as their inner wisdom and intuition work to bring about understanding on how the knowledge can serve the user best.

Creating The Best Music To Study To

Whilst Theta brainwaves form a key to accessing “Super Learning” there is more within the special new soundtrack titled “Super Learning – Music For Studying” that SurgingLife founder Stephen Frost has placed there in order to generate an even greater mental and emotional state for listeners.

Solfeggio – A Gregorian Secret

The Solfeggio frequencies discovered by Benedictine monk, Guido d’Arezzo, were used by Gregorian monks to achieve mental and emotional changes that were conducive to enhancing freedom of spirit and inner peace. Though whilst their usage was primarily aimed at spiritual development the use of the frequencies can be beneficial to everyone for a variety of other things.

Within the Solfeggio range each frequency has a set of associations, and two of these are prime for aiding anyone undergoing a study program. These have been included within the soundtrack, embedded within the music, in order to aid listeners to achieve the best results possible.

Recommendations From Stephen Frost For Enhancing Learning

Meditation has long been recommended by Stephen Frost as an aid to achieving higher levels of living and effectiveness in life, though as he acknowledges practice is required to get the best results. “The use of meditation has been shown to elevate student performance and their ability to function in a manner that is relaxed and at ease, though meditation requires practice to get the best results. That is one of the reasons that brainwave entrainment can be so useful, it helps people to access states that are usually challenging to achieve.”

It is of course highly recommended for students and everyone else to take up meditation so that they can enjoy a wide range of benefits across their life, and using soundtracks such as this can both fill a gap whilst a practice is being established and enhance performance once a person has become a seasoned meditation practitioner.

This special music to study to is available for all those who wish to enhance their abilities via the SurgingLife store at along with other resources to aid positive and joyful living.

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