Wilhelmina Denver Signs the “Wolfpack” from American Ninja Warrior

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(Newswire.net — May 31, 2016) Denver, CO — Wilhelmina Denver has recently signed The Wolfpack Ninjas from the NBC sports entertainment competition show American Ninja Warrior. The Wolfpack Ninjas are a group of elite level rock climbers who live and train in Colorado.

The newest season of American Ninja Warrior premieres June 1, 2016.

About The Wolfpack

Noah T. Kaufman, MD. Nicknamed the “Ninjadoc,” Noah dedicates his life to emergency medicine and is committed to helping people. An avid rock climber with more than 25 years of experience and a black belt in Shotokan Karate, Noah is the leader of the group as well as its chief strategist. He has climbed in many different locations worldwide and has even lived in Japan. He has used his medical expertise in helping injured Ninjas and even reduced a dislocated shoulder of competitor Alan Connealy in season 5 of the show.

Brian Arnold. The first American competitor to finish stage 3 of the Mt. Midoriyama course, Brian is one of the strongest Ninjas in the show and is a leader to plenty of the veteran Ninjas. He has been rock climbing for over 25 years now and motivates the Wolfpack to keep pushing harder. Brian is also a dedicated student of chess and has beaten Noah in over 200 games.

Ian Dory. Nicknamed the “Wolf Pup,” Ian is the youngest wolf in the pack and is planning to attend Law School and focus on business law in the upcoming years. Despite his Wolf Pup nickname, Ian has ranked third among thousands of top Ninjas for two consecutive years on the show. A hard worker and a loyal, trust friend, Ian is committed to improving his body and mind just like the rest of the Wolfpack.

Meagan Martin. Called the “SheWolf,” Meagan is widely regarded as the best female competitor on the show, especially for making it into the stage 1 of the St. Midoriyama course two years in a row. Meagan is one of the best Ninjas in the American Ninja Warrior scene—male or female—and has avid supporters from all over the world. Due to her extensive climbing competition experience, Meagan is able to keep a calm and cool demeanor on the show’s course. She is also a top level World Cup rock climber and currently teaches children at ABC Kids Climbing Center in Boulder, Colorado.

The Wolfpack participated in Team Ninja Warrior, the first spin-off of American Ninja Warrior, which began airing on Esquire Network on January 19th

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