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( — June 7, 2016) Addison, Texas — There is a lot of truth to this statement – “Seeing is Believing!” Some salespeople or business owners need to be told what to do. Others need to be shown what to do. The Sales/Biz WATCH program meets both of these needs in two-and-a-half days of intense sales & business training.

This program is not for egotistical or faint-of-heart salespeople, sales managers, or business owners! This is for attendees who are willing to watch, learn, and implement! Observe firsthand and in real-time the various real-world sales & business challenges that are presented by C-Level Executives, Business Owners, Sales Managers, and salespeople. Then experience the results of the procedures presented by Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer.

But that’s not all! Attendees will see in real-time how structured days and weeks actually work Learn to keep and enforce effective boundaries in their work day so they can maintain every precious second of your time on HIGH-VALUE activities. Attendees will also learn how to maintain a “Silent Running Office” by turning off the phone and disregarding unnecessary emails.

From this incredible platform, attendees will be able to pinpoint various challenges in their own sales/business world and take immediate corrective action. The end result of attendees’ active participation? They’ll learn by example how to implement strategies and techniques to work more efficiently!

On Sunday evening, the attendee will fly into Dallas, and on Monday spend the day visiting one of Chuck Bauer’s client companies, then round out the day by watching Chuck make actual sales/business calls and follow-up procedures and learning from him as he delegates and implements various strategies with the highest levels of efficiencies. The attendee will also have time to go over their own business and/or sales plan with him, and get feedback on strategies to implement. That evening, the attendee and Chuck will dine with one of his VIP clients.

On Tuesday, the attendee will sit in on seven-to-eight coaching sessions and see how Chuck provides information and tactics to individual clients and client groups. That evening the attendee will fly home.

Chuck and his staff are responsible for more than 2600 LIVE HD recorded coaching sessions in the last three years, which makes Chuck Bauer Sales Training one of the Top WebEx Users in the world. Their coaching sessions are in such high demand that there is a constant waiting list for available inventory of coaching slots.

Additionally, his new 24/7 on-the-go Online Learning Center contains over 80 hours of sales and business-related content. The blog and social media platforms feature daily updates of tips and tactics. The 24/7 Mobile App also provides instant success information for those on the go.

For more information, call 855-740-SELL or visit or from your mobile device text BAUER to 313131.

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