Ginsburg & Associates Show How to Proceed if Involved in a Pedestrian-Vehicle Accident

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( — June 7, 2016) Philadelphia, PA — Motor vehicle accidents resulting in the injury of pedestrians has climbed to over 70,000 per year. Deaths involving motor vehicle accidents and pedestrians have risen to over 4,000 in a year according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This administration defines a pedestrian as someone on foot, running, hiking, jogging, walking, lying down or sitting.

Common cause of pedestrian accidents

Negligent drivers are the most common reason behind accidents involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle. Some of these reasons are:

* Not obeying the posted speed limits

* Not yielding to a pedestrian

* Driving while distracted by talking on a cell phone, texting, putting on makeup, eating and listening to music

* Equipment in vehicle fails

* Roads are not properly maintained

Common injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents by pedestrians

Injury to the pedestrian normally occurs with the impact of the vehicle, sometimes there is a secondary impact when the pedestrian is propelled into another solid object. One injury may occur when the vehicle hits them and then a second injury when they hit the second solid object. The most common injuries are:

* Brain concussions

* Lacerations of the scalp

* Spinal cord injuries

* Ligaments torn and sprained

* Fractures to the ribs, legs, arms, hips or pelvis

What should be done if a pedestrian is injured during motor vehicle accidents?

This is considered a personal injury claim and will require as much information serving as evidence of the accident as possible. The pedestrian should get the motorist’s name and contact information. Insurance company information of the driver is also needed. If the pedestrian is injured too seriously they should try to have someone on the scene collect this information for them.

The insurance company of the driver should be contacted and the accident reported to file a claim. The pedestrian should also contact their own insurance company.

The motorist’s actions will need to be proven negligent, showing they were responsible for the accident and the injuries. Proof is needed for a successful personal injury claim. Proof needed is:

* The motorist breached his/her duty of care.

* The actions of the motorist are the direct cause of pedestrian’s injuries.

* Were there any circumstances that would relieve one or both of the parties from fault?

Contact a personal injury attorney to ensure pedestrian rights are protected

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