Crossbow Productions Offers Safety Tips for Hunters

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( — June 23, 2016) — As the weather warms up, the hunting community is gearing up for another great season.  With the increase in crossbow hunters this year, Crossbow Productions wants to make sure that hunters are doing their best to stay safe.  No one wants to end their season short because they did not think before they pulled the trigger.

This year, we are on track to have more crossbow hunters in the field than ever before.  This is greatly due to the relaxation of crossbow hunting regulations and an increase in firearms regulations.  Hunters are quickly discovering that they can avoid the hassle by purchasing a crossbow instead of a rifle, as long as they are up for the challenge.  The problem becomes that they don’t research any crossbow specific safety rules, risking injury to themselves and others.

Recent studies have shown that there are around 1000 hunting related incidents in North America each year.  Around twenty five percent of those injuries are archery, arrow, or crossbow related.  That means that 250 people a year are doing something that they probably shouldn’t have done, and they got hurt doing it.  Crossbow Productions is trying to step in and prevent some of these injuries in 2016 with these great tips:

– Keep your fingers off the rail – The rail is the path that the bolt and string will travel when you pull the trigger.  It is important that your finger is not in the way of the crossbow firing.  Your finger is not going to stop two hundred pounds of pressure; it will lose the battle every time.

– Watch Your Backdrop – When you are lining up your target, it is just important to pay attention to what is behind it.  If you miss or pass through your deer, what else are you going to hit?

– Don’t Dry-Fire Your Crossbow – Dry-Firing a crossbow can cause serious damage to the weapon, then you.  You don’t want to risk one of those strings letting go under that extreme pressure.  If you cock the crossbow, make sure that you fire it when you are done.

– Take Care Of Your Equipment – If you have ever fired an arrow that is already split or cracked, you know this is important.  A little crack might not look dangerous, but it will be when you put 300 pounds of pressure behind it.

These tips don’t cover all the bases to keep you safe, but they are the three most important things to keep in mind while crossbow hunting.  If you are about to do something and think that it might be a bad idea, then you probably shouldn’t pull the trigger.  Always lean towards safety while hunting with any kind of weapon and respect the power that they can unleash at any moment. 

Remember that your weapon is designed to cause damage, not as a toy. Treat it as such, and you will have a great time.  If you treat it as a toy, you are going to get hurt. Let’s make 2016 the safest hunting year yet by following these easy tips.