The Organic Skin on the Benefits of the Olivaloe Hair Mask

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( — June 24, 2016) Huntington Beach, California — The Organic Skin proudly cites some of the many benefits of their Olivaloe Hair Mask, which is one of their more popular hair products. The company specializes in skin and hair care products that are all made with natural and organic ingredients.

The company was founded in 2013 by a beauty expert with 20 years of experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry. They are based in Wisconsin and offer a complete range of organic skincare and natural hair care products including face care items, sun protection and after sun care products, anti-cellulite and firming products, anti-aging products, products for the hands and feet, cleansers and soap, and products for oily, sensitive or dry skin, as well as men’s care products.

The owner of The Organic Skin ( founded the company after discovering Olivaloe, a Greek product that is made with aloe vera and olive oil. Impressed with the positive results of Olivaloe, she made it her goal to share its benefits to the world and went as far as making it the company’s signature product. As a beauty and cosmetics expert and enthusiast, she commits to bringing only the purest and highest-quality products to her company.

The company’s Olivaloe Hair Mask, a natural hair product proves the owner’s commitment to supplying only the best products in the market, as it boasts several benefits that any user will enjoy. An Olivaloe favorite, the Hair Mask works on all hair types with an added bonus of the gentle aromatic scent. The product can be used as an alternative to conditioner, and can be applied after each shampooing. Due to its strong, effective ingredients and fast results, only a small amount of the Hair Mask is needed every application. Users are guaranteed to feel how soft and silky their hair is as they rinse.

The Olivaloe Hair Mask is made with a formula that does not only soften the hair on the exterior, but also penetrates the hair to strengthen it and restore its shine. The ginseng in the product also helps to prevent split ends and breakage, making any user’s hair look healthy and beautiful.

Last month, The Organic Skin partnered with Salon Forte to host a charitable event accepting donations for a variety of items for the children at the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay. The event ended on June 15, 2016 with a strong showing of support through the large amount of children’s toys, art materials, as well as books and school supplies that were donated.

About The Organic Skin

The Organic Skin is a company that provides all natural skin care and hair products. All their products are made from the purest and finest organic ingredients. The company’s signature product, Olivaloe, is primarily made with organic olive oil and aloe vera. The combined effects of these two ingredients provide protection, several health benefits and soothing effects to the skin.

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