Brexit Inspires Secessionist Movements in the U.S.

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( — July 4, 2016) — Secessionists from many countries in the world praise Britain’s decision to leave the EU and act independently. The French far right wing is hoping Frexit will be the next big thing. Netherland nationalists are not far behind in the euro-skepticism. According to an article published by NBC News, Brexit gave wings to secessionist movements in the U.S.

However impossible this seems, if in the 1980’s you told people living in Yugoslavia that their country would disappear in a terrible civil war, they would never have believed it. Yet, several years later Yugoslavia ceased to exist.

But Yugoslavia was a small weak country, one would probably argue. Actually, the country was not as small and weak as the rest of the world presumed. It just let its political right wing seize power and engage a bloody war in the name of freedom.

The same rhetoric of independence was heard prior to the referendum in UK when less informed Brits voted to leave the EU.

If you told any person living in London a few years ago that the UK would exit the EU, they probably would have told you that that is impossible. Now the idea of Brexit seriously threatens to put an end to the United Kingdom as it is, as Scotland and Northern Ireland already announced they would exit the union in order to remain in the EU.

So, is it really impossible to consider the U.S. could ride the same wave of freedom, right into a disaster?

Considering the possibility that one of the 50 states in the U.S. could strive to declare independence, Texas had the first thought. Texas was a sovereign country from 1836 to 1846, however, California, Alaska, New Hampshire and Hawaii also have strong separatist movements as well.  In fact, hashtags like #Texit, #Calexit, #Alaskexit, #NHexit have been seen on Twitter, although as a joke.

The truth is that for many Texans, secession is a long-held dream. And now, the Texas Nationalist Movement, a 12-year-old group that wants the Lone Star State to be politically, culturally and economically independent, is calling on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to support a British-style vote there, NBC News reported.

Louis Marinelli, who leads the Yes California Independence Campaign, referred to Brexit as the path the ‘sunny state’ should follow. “We now have an example of how it can be done legally and peacefully,” he said dismissing the critics who point to a civil war as the reason why it wouldn’t work.

Brexit is potentially disastrous for the U.S. Secessionist movements as leaders realized people could be persuaded that there is a peaceful way to regain independence and self governing, promising more money in pockets of people, once their state stops feeding other.

What people wouldn’t learn from the media is how exactly their state is dependent on the money and power distributed nationwide.

People of Great Britain realized the fact that a great deal of money was pouring in from the EU into the UK a little too late, after they voted for independence that actually crippled UK’s economy.

Americans learned from Brexit that it is possible to ‘divorce’ from a union by a referendum driven by a side that spends a lot of money on advertising the idea.

The thing is that the Brexit referendum is finished, however, Brexit itself is far from over.