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(Newswire.net — September 7, 2016) Boronia, VIC — As the global economy meanders along, businesses large and small are caught in balancing a conservative or aggressive approach to expansion. Kingdom Business Network (KBN) has successfully been able to help businesses grow steadily without risk. Focusing on the Christian business owner, they seamlessly blend an individual’s values with their profession.

“No matter who you are, you have values. Some of those values are secular, while others are based in Christianity. We welcome everyone.” stated Mathew Avadiar, founder of KBN. “With the explosion of the internet came an opportunity to reach a global audience. Our Australian network is well known and a leader in business networking. We decided now is the perfect time to go global.”

Avadiar, like many leaders, is passionate about his purpose. “I was not put on this earth to just make money. None of us were. It’s an old question, ‘Why am I here’ and the answers are as unique as the individual. But behind any answer always lies some sort of service to others. That is a universal truth.”

KBN showcases individual businesses at the local level. Their global outreach will include an audio lecture series and opportunities for businesses to connect with each other, share ideas and most importantly, grow globally.

While most local businesses don’t see themselves as having global opportunity, nothing could be further from the truth.

Even a local plumber can benefit from a global audience. Will he personally get a client from the USA while living in Australia? Unlikely, but wth KBN membership, both business owners can benefit from sharing information, ideas, fellowship and yes… even leads. The best referrals are 3rd party, after all. A plumber in Sydney may not be able to fix a leak in New York, but with a laptop and Skype, he could assess the situation for a do it yourself operation. Equally important, with a KBN membership, the Australian plumber will be able to refer another KBN plumber from New York city.

With increase economic pressure on small businesses, many entrepreneurs are looking for inexpensive and creative ways to expand their reach. Business networks are nothing new. Companies like Le Tip have been around for decades. The challenge, according to Avadiar is, “Primarily, those groups are focused on leads-regardless of all else. KBN puts our values at the forefront. This not only makes for instant connection, but it also speeds up the sharing process. We all like to do business with people who share similar values. The local restriction of personally meeting people limits growth. KBN global has no such restriction.”

As the global economy remains in limbo, one thing is certain, KBN will be leading the way to bridge cultures and help small businesses grow, profit and do so in accordance with their values.


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