Marcus Hiles Donates Over 50 Acres of Land

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( — October 21, 2016) Grand Prairie, Texas — Marcus Hiles, a real estate developer who has spent over three decades creating rental homes that embody his vision of affordable luxury living, has donated over 50 acres of land for community parks in Texas. This charitable donation shall provide the much-needed land for natural recreational spaces. Devoted to protecting the environment, Marcus believes that a healthy environment rich with plants, trees and wildlife is essential for a healthy life and can provide individuals, couples and families with a place to rest and relax. “In today’s day and age, green spaces can only exist if people and businesses work together to make it happen,” says Marcus.

Marcus notes that urban parks actually enhance the overall health and well-being of residents living nearby and can also be a primary resource for strengthening cities in the nation. A research by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that there is a positive correlation between easy access to community parks and likelihood of residents choosing to exercise. Having green recreational spaces nearby encourages residents to engage in physical activity, recreational activities and fellowship. Parks usually become a city’s unique hub, and are often a good investment in the growth of a community.

Understanding the importance of eco-friendly open spaces for leisure and enjoying nature, Marcus has greatly contributed to the transformation of several Texas cities into environmentally friendly spaces. He continues to develop clean, beautiful and eco-friendly properties, and his environmental efforts even extend to his company, which plants thousands of trees annually. “Communities surrounded by green spaces, vegetation and wildlife are proven to be healthier, more sociable, prosperous and inviting,” he adds.

To further prove his point, Marcus has shared some of the benefits that environmental parks can offer to the community. He says that not only can they be a great investment in the growth of a community, they can also improve the local ecosystem. Natural recreational parks produce oxygen and eliminate toxins from the atmosphere, which makes the surrounding air cleaner and fresher. Two trees make enough oxygen for an individual and can also absorb up to 20 pounds of polluted air every year. Trees provide shade as well, cooling down the surrounding areas and reducing heat retention. Studies have shown that communities abundant with trees have lower air-conditioning requirements, allowing residents to enjoy more energy savings.

Believing that natural spaces should be created and maintained through people and businesses’ strong intervention and assistance, Marcus will continue to make huge contributions towards environmentally friendly efforts.

About Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles is a real estate developer and investor based in Dallas, Texas. The founding Chairman and CEO of real estate firm Western Rim Property Services, he has been creating residential communities that offer luxury living and eco-friendly spaces for three decades now. Currently, he manages over 15,000 rental homes in Texas alone.

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