Marcus Hiles Emphasizes Sustainability in Las Vegas Real Estate

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( — October 20, 2016) Grand Prairie, Texas — Las Vegas, which is home to the world’s most famous and biggest casinos, emits huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds on a daily basis. To reduce their carbon footprint, the city has actually started taking major steps in becoming more ‘green’ a few years ago. Many casino-hotels now recycle and repurpose their waste and also maximize their water conservation efforts. According to Marcus Hiles, a real estate authority based in Dallas, Texas, even property developers can play a major role in reducing significant amounts of carbon footprint, especially in a city like Las Vegas.

The housing sector is one of the biggest portions of a person’s carbon footprint due to the heavy use of electricity, gas and water and waste production. Knowing this, Marcus, the founding Chairman and CEO of real estate company Western Rim Property Services, takes huge steps in providing environmentally friendly and energy-saving homes.

“Heating and cooling already makes up for 50% of carbon emissions for the average US citizen,” says Marcus. To reduce this number, he develops properties that utilize three primary strategies: efficient insulation, the use of ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, and programmable thermostats that can set different temperatures for specific rooms. Additional weatherstripping and the caulking of drafts will provide increased protection from the elements and improve a home’s ability to maintain a steady climate. The use of the thermostat to part rooms into cooler or warmer zones, and decrease usage when residents are away, will maximize energy savings as well.

Marcus has also shared a few ways residents can help in reducing their carbon footprint. He says that residents should practice smart and limited use of lights, entertainment and cleaning appliances, and refrigeration. According to him, switching from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights will minimize the energy required to operate them by 80%. Fridges and freezers can save more energy by not setting them too cold and making sure that they are well-defrosted, properly sealed and located in a cool area. Entertainment appliances such as computers, telephones, smart phones and other technological device must be unplugged and turned off when not in use, especially since their standby mode already consumes energy. Dishwashers and laundry machines usually have high wattage, and their necessity makes it hard to limit usage. However, Marcus states that residents can save energy by only washing full loads and choosing the coldest temperature possible.

“The damage humanity has made to the environment may be hard to reverse,” adds Marcus. “However, if all sectors work together, I’m sure we can make a difference.”

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A prominent real estate authority based in Dallas, Texas, Marcus Hiles is the founder and CEO of the renowned real estate firm Western Rim Property Services. He has been developing luxury rental homes for over three decades now, and has developed over 15,000 rental homes in the state of Texas alone.

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