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(Newswire.net — October 14, 2016) Aventura, Florida — To complement its extensive range of fitness evaluations and sports performance testing, Optimal Health Miami recently announced that it has added two advanced analysis methods to its clinical practice. The facility now offers Whole Body Dexa Scans and VO2 Max testing for patients interested in receiving physiological performance evaluations. Previously reserved only for elite athletes at specialized training centers, the clinic’s inclusion of these advanced testing strategies can help athletes gauge and improve performance levels over time. “These testing methods are widely accepted as the state-of-the-art when it comes to fitness evaluation,” says clinic spokesperson Jenny Patrizia. “Each can help athletes determine a fitness or performance baseline that they can then measure improvements against.” To learn more about these tests, visit the clinic’s information page at http://optimalhealthmiami.com/testing.html.

Whole Body Dexa Scans, otherwise known as dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, provide patients with detailed, accurate body composition analysis. Often used by medical facilities for the purposes of identifying bone mineral density, the Miami-area clinic employs it for all patients, not just athletes. “Dexa Scans are low-energy x-ray procedures that can show fat and muscle mass as well as overall bone strength in patients,” adds Jenny. “It is easy to administer and give patients a very detailed look at their body composition.” 

VO2 Max has been used by athletes and sports-performance researchers for many years. Designed to analyze the maximal aerobic capacity of athletes, the testing uses incremental exercise on a calibrated treadmill or exercise bicycle. The testing looks at the rate of oxygen consumption during intense exercise and can pinpoint changes in endurance levels with repeated testing. The clinic uses it for all patients, not just athletes, helping to tailor specialized fitness programs to the unique needs and goals of patients. For its fitness and executive evaluations, the clinic establishes a baseline and then administers the test at regular intervals after health plans are initiated to gauge improvements in aerobic capacity.

Optimal Health Miami offers its patients a full range of other evaluations, helping them to maximize their overall health and to improve performance. Established by noted urologist and sexual health physician Dr. Marc Gittelman, MD, the clinic and its staff are known for their personalized care and expertise in integrated medicine. Patients of the clinic have access to hormone replacement therapy, weight loss programs, and exercise physiology analysis to help them lead healthier, more satisfied lives. For more information on the clinic and its many advanced treatment plans, visit http://optimalhealthmiami.com/

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Specializing in integrated medicine are the board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners at Optimal Health Miami. Clients of the Aventura, Florida-based clinic receive personalized care plans complete with detailed physical examinations and laboratory testing to evaluate metabolic systems. Founded by Dr. Marc Gittelman, MD, the clinic and its expert staff offer a range of treatment options, including hormone replacement, advanced performance testing, exercise physiology, and weight control programs.

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