Youngry Successfully Completes Equity Crowdfunding Round

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( — October 20, 2016) — Youngry, “the ESPN for entrepreneurship” launched a 75-day crowdfunding campaign and beat its’ fundraising goal by 130% using Republic Inc.

Youngry successfully raised $65,000 from 143 investors during the 75-day campaign. This was all possible thanks to the JOBS act that passed in 2012. Title 3 crowdfunding is the third prong in the JOBS act which enables early-stage startups the opportunity to raise up to $1 million from the crowd.

“Equity crowdfunding enables entrepreneurs with a relatable mission to raise that initial operating capital from their supporters and everyday folk online, instead of having to knock on doors of a few wealthy angel investors. That leads to more inclusive entrepreneurship.” said Kendrick Nguyen of Republic.

Youngry plans to utilize high profile entrepreneurs to create mentor-driven content to teach the next era of entrepreneurs how to be successful. “As someone who just went through the process of being an early stage entrepreneur, I can say unequivocally with first-hand experience that there are gaps in the system.” Editor in Chief of Youngry, Vincent Vitale commented. “There isn’t a centralized hub for entrepreneurs to access the resources and information they need to be successful. Youngry will solve that pain.”

Youngry is taking over and dramatically changing the entrepreneurship ecosystem. They’ve created impressive content and revenue partnerships with large organizations like WeWork. They are also utilizing their diverse group of high profile advisors. These advisors will also serve as their content contributors. Writers include Venture Capitalist Ryan Blair and Top 100 Crowdfunding & Influencer Josef Holm

“As a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years in the tech space, I recognized the importance of what Ash and Youngry are building, and wanted to help.” said Josef Holm, advisor, and investor in Youngry.