SurgingLife Launches Rapid Life Change Coaching Service

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( — October 30, 2016) Kobe, Hyogo-ken — Coaching has been widely shown to bring amazing results. In line with its core purpose SurgingLife under the direction of its founder Stephen Frost has now unveiled its special rapid life change coaching service. This special service has been developed using key psychological change techniques that empower clients to achieve truly deep and lasting change on a profound level. Thus enabling them to gain the results they deeply desire for their lives, businesses, relationships and more.

Breaking Through Beliefs

There are few things that hold people back in life more than their own beliefs. One of the key things that the coaching available through SurgingLife does is to help people clear out the limitations and confinement that their own beliefs impose on them.

Working With The Unconscious

Whilst many people are quick to refute such thoughts the issue requires a different view in order for true clarity to be achieved. Whilst many look at things through their conscious outlook it is with the unconscious mind that the challenges and limitations tend to be found. These things are set deep and the vast majority of people are never even remotely aware of the problems that exist within their own minds. Until that is they keep hitting against them over and over again and put in a place where they have to confront them if they wish to move forward.

Eliminating Stress From The Equation

One of the major issues for many people in modern life is that of stress. It gets heaped on from a variety of sources and compounds together to cause very unpleasant issues unless dealt with effectively. Whilst many feel that a small measure can help them by concentrating their minds it actually causes more harm than good.

One of the key issues that comes up for people, in business as well as relationships and other areas important to quality of life is clarity and understanding. When under stress these things diminish, leaving a person somewhat disarmed in their ability to deal with things. Opportunities become missed or even overlooked due to misunderstanding through lack of clarity. So dealing with stress effectively is one of the key things the SurgingLife coaching program does.

Gaining Clarity And Perspective

So as a part of the coaching process clients of SurgingLife are guided through techniques, in addition to ones used to eliminate stress, which enable them to achieve greater clarity and understanding of their situation. How is this important? Because people only see things according to the level of understanding that they have in the moment. Something which is the product of their learning and experience, and very rarely are people bestowed with the insight through education that enables them to gain discernment on such issues.

Through working with experienced and specially trained people such as lead coach Stephen it becomes possible for individuals to then gain the insight and clarity which empowers them to breakthrough their problems and achieve the results they had long been wishing for.

Changing Beliefs And Empowering Values

One of the other key things that the new SurgingLife coaching service does is aid clients to release old beliefs and values which are holding them back or even dragging them down. Through special processes each and ever person working with SurgingLife goes through it is possible to find and identify beliefs and value which are causing problems within their lives. Once found action is taken to transmute them into something far more empowering.

Through working together with their coach these people are then able to move ahead feeling lighter and far more in control of their lives, businesses and relationships. The empowerment spreads through everything they do and leads to the experiencing of a truly rewarding life. It helps them, along with other key processes, to magnetise success to themselves and from that point anything becomes possible and really magical things happen.

Where Is The Proof?

Whilst this is a new service from SurgingLife the founder Stephen Frost has been working with people and helping them to achieve these results for well over 10 years now. Most of which has been by his business Frost Neuro Linguistics which he started in 2005, though even before that he was working with coaching and life change in various other roles.

His clients have been hugely varied and all have showered praise on how he has helped them achieve amazing things in their lives. Craig Myton the CEO and founder of Rigcom said “With Steve’s calmness he talks and guides you in such a way that he doesn’t mesmerise you, he simply helps you unlock your true potential, enabling you to go on and dream the impossible and work towards achieving it.”

Whilst singer Cathy Battistessa said “I first met Stephen in the UK where I approached him for a NLP session. This session came at a pivotal time in my life and Stephen’s help and guidance was paramount in helping me implement many positive changes in my life.”

Coaching And Breakthrough Life Change From SurgingLife

Whilst Stephen is eagerly looking forward to welcoming those wishing to change their lives, businesses and relationships to the new SurgingLife coaching service he does caution that it requires real commitment from a person in order to create the best results. Though when a person does fully commit to the process and changing on a deep and meaningful level then the results and successes which have alluded them become more than just possible. They become inevitable. Those ready to commit to incredible and rewarding life change through the SurgingLife coaching program can find details via

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