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( — October 30, 2016) Kobe, Hyogo-ken — Executive coaching is something which can greatly change the lives and fortunes of those engaging with a high quality and efficacious service. Founder Stephen Frost is certain that is what clients get through the SurgingLife Executive Coaching service which has just launched. This certainty is based on his previous record with coaching clients for more than a decade and helping all of them to achieve amazing results. Yet this service is set to establish even greater results than founder Stephen previously facilitated.

What Marks Outs This Service From SurgingLife As Special

There are of course a multitude of executive coaches around the world, all of whom offer their own distinct way of doing things. Stephen feels the SurgingLife service is rather different and with it more effective. This is based on more than just a wealth of previous experience in the coaching and life change arena, this is an accumulation of a range of techniques and disciplines that back up and making the effects of coaching so much greater.

Whilst core to the service are techniques including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Stephen has brought in elements from his experience as a meditation teacher, one of his great passions in life. Through a combination of NLP, meditative processes, and other holistic techniques that he is only wishing to share with the select clients that engage the service he has developed a unique service which treats those involved in a truly deep way.

Engaging Heart And Mind For Success

Through all of his life change experience Stephen has distilled various key ways of clearing out the issues that hold people back from achieving their goals and dreams. It is through working with this approach that the clients of the new service will be able to unlock opportunities and magnetise themselves to the success they desire.

Stephen believes that it is only when the depths of the heart and mind are truly accessed that people become able to free themselves of the challenges that have caused them issue. Time and again it has been noted that a persons own beliefs and values which are out of alignment stop progress in its tracks, in some cases they even push it further away. In engaging clients on this deep level the SurgingLife service is able to help them to leverage themselves in a far greater way than they have likely ever experienced.


Most entrepreneurs and business people are used to the concept of leveraging, it is usually applied to finance or the assignment of personnel to certain jobs in order to get the best results. It is also highly applicable to the self. It is through working to eliminate stress, streamline beliefs and thoughts, and expand a persons belief in themselves that the ability to leverage their true ability comes.

The Unconscious

Whilst some may think so far that this all seems logical and that they are unable to think of anything beyond a few surface issues that hold them back there is far more to the story. The changes that the SurgingLife program work to effect with clients are mainly on the unconscious level, something which takes a high degree of skill and ability to achieve. Hence one of the things that marks this service as special.

In working with the deep down unconscious changes can be created which cascade through a persons psyche which are wide reaching and bring far greater results than those created on the surface conscious level. Hence the reason that so many of Stephen’s previous clients have heaped great praise on him.

Rebecca Little said “Steve then helped me face my fear of stepping into the unknown and making the decision not just to change my job, but to set up my own company.” whilst K. Welsh stated “Truly amazing man..He has changed my life forever…He is by far a master of this profession”. Testimonials which many would agree are glowing, and they are just two of the many he as been showered with and bring faith that this service is going to provide excellent value to its clients.

Executive Coaching – Effective Mind Change With Stephen Frost And SurgingLife

The Executive Coaching program offers a way for people to achieve an amazing depth of change within their own mind, change which then causes their experience of results to transform in an incredibly positive way. The clients who are able to access the service are set for something which goes beyond just aiding them to improve their business or career. It helps them to upgrade their entire life. For those open to the opportunity and those open minded enough to recognise how the world works around them and as a result of their own actions the chance is here for achieving the amazing things that have alluded them thus far. SurgingLife welcomes all those people to come and decide for themselves on exactly how they wish to change their lives, businesses, careers, relationships and finances so that joy can expand through everything they do. Those who are serious about achieving success can go to and discover more the power within them that can shape the future that they dream of.

About SurgingLife

SurgingLife brings aid for everyone seeking positive life change. For those who have been wondering what they can do in order to realise a far more positive lifestyle and a good quality of life, this site is the place to get the help needed. Drawing from meditation, essential oils, ho’oponopono, brainwave entrainment and a wide variety of other things there is solid ground to help those wishing to make meaningful life changes and achieve joyful living. Plus of course the world class Coaching and Breakthrough Life Change programs directed by founder Stephen Frost. The website can be found at


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