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( — November 8, 2016) Upland, California — Testing the purity of precious metals is necessary due to their expensive nature. Individuals and businesses that deal with buying and selling precious metals use different ways to test the authenticity. California Gold & Silver Exchange (CGSE), a family-owned business that specializes in buying and selling gold and silver, discusses the method they use to test precious metals—the water displacement or water density test. 

CGSE is rooted in Southern California’s gold and silver industry, and the owners of the company have grown up in the gold and silver business. Not only are they familiar with gold and silver bullion and coins, they also have knowledge of gold jewelry, sterling silver and diamonds. Recognized for their love for the industry as well as compassion for people, the company treats their customers as if they were part of the family. They take pride in having great payouts which are considered to be one of the highest in Southern California. The company also offers superior customer service and has extensive knowledge about precious metals—they have the knowledge to purchase not only jewelry but everything that relates to gold, silver, diamonds and coins.

According to California Gold & Silver Exchange, the water displacement or water density test is used to find the percentage of gold in each item it tests. What they do first is set the calibrations on the machine. They use a 2000 gram weight to calibrate the scales, and a thermometer to calibrate the water temperature. After setting up, the item—a gold bar for example—is put on the outside scale and the weight is then taken. After that, the item is placed in the water and weighed under water. The machine later calculates the karat of the gold using the actual density of gold. Along with the karat, the machine will give the percentage of gold in the item. In some cases, the machine will say “low gold” to indicate that the item may be gold filled or have no gold in it. The same machine is also used by CGSE to test silver, white gold and platinum. While this may be a common way to test precious metals, not all companies use this method. There are several other methods that can be used to test gold and silver, with some being more efficient than the others. According to the company, this method works the best for them, and is always accurate.

CGSE uses the water density test to assess the precious metals that customers are selling to them. Their estimate is free of charge, so there is no obligation to sell to them. They pay cash for gold, silver and precious metals in almost all forms and they also accept old, broken, mismatched or single items.

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California Gold & Silver Exchange (CGSE) is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in buying and selling gold, silver and other precious metals. They offer one of the biggest payouts in Southern California, and buys precious metals in almost all forms. All items are tested in front of clients so they can see the exact weight of their gold and/or silver items.

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