Medical Experts Reveal Michelangelo Likely Suffered From Arthritis

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( — December 19, 2016) Orlando, FL — Artists are typically immortalized by their artworks. Even if they leave this world, they can still live through their paintings. However, in real life, artists including the most popular ones, live and get sick as normal people do.

Medical experts reveal that Michelangelo likely suffered from arthritis. It is believed that this renowned painter and sculptor suffered from hand arthritis. A team of doctors even reveal that the painter kept using his hands through his intense work.

Among the things that experts believe have accelerated the arthritic condition of the painter are chiseling and hammering. However, these activities have also preserved his ability to utilize his hands.

The medical experts examined three of Michelangelo’s portraits, which he made when he was between the ages of 60 and 65.

The three paintings indicated the presence of arthritis-related deformity in the small joints of his left hand. The doctors also revealed that the earlier paintings did not show such signs. The conclusions of the study were featured in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Dr. Davide Lazzeri, a specialist in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at the Villa Salaria Clinic in Rome, said in a journal news release and lead author, reveals that based on literature, Michelangelo apparently suffered from an ailment involving his joints.

According to Dr. Lazzeri, there haven’t been any signs that the hands of the painter suffered from inflammation. There have also been no evidence of small lumps made of uric acid crystals, which usually form under the skin of individuals with gout.

In the letters written by the renowned painter, it was also found that the hand symptoms developed only later in life. He had severe discomfort when writing in 1552, and eventually, was no longer able to write. Thus, he resorted to signing his letters.

Osteoarthritis may be the loss of dexterity for Michelangelo during his older years.

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