Prevent Mice From Checking In to Your Hotel

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( — January 2, 2017) — Having rodents like rats and mice in your hotel is a problem for two reasons. One is that rats and mice transmit a wide range of nasty diseases like salmonella, bubonic plague, typhus and Hantavirus. The last thing you want is for an outbreak of disease to happen and your hotel to be shut down by the health department due to a rodent problem. The other major problem that rodents present is the damage they can cause to your property.

Their Constantly Growing Teeth

Rodents are highly destructive little creatures. They will chew through walls, electrical cords and roofing. In fact, chewing holes is often how rodents get into your hotel. Rodents’ teeth continue to grow their entire lives. They have to chew through things in order to keep them small. This means they have no problem chewing through nearly any building material in order to gain entrance to a structure.

The Importance of a Fast Response

When you sight or even simply suspect a rodent presence in your hotel, you need to get a hold of pest control professionals like UltraPro Pest Protection immediately. The importance of responding to rats and mice in a hotel as soon as you know about them cannot be overstated. If just one guest sees a rat or mouse in your hotel, it can do a tremendous amount of damage to your hotel.

With a single call to the health department, your hotel could be in jeopardy from a visit by the health inspector. If there turns out to be a large rodent presence on your property, the health department could even force you to close down while the situation is dealt with.

Quickly getting rid of mice is a top priority. Any guests who see rodents during their stays will likely post about their negative experiences online. Reputation is the key to success in the lodging industry, and guests will not be shy about sharing their negative reactions to rodents if they come across them at your hotel. As soon as you get a hold of pest control professionals, they will be there to remove the rodents from your property.

Keep Rodents from Coming Back

Along with removing the rodents from your hotel, it is equally important to take steps to prevent them from returning.The pest control technicians will find the holes the rats and mice have left behind in order to prevent others from regaining entry. Therefore, you can take the help of expert pest controllers in South Florida like “On Demand Pest Control”, if you’re residing in the region around Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, etc. and know the best way to catch a rat yourself or carry out a rodent control activity with expert help.

Your property should also be inspected regularly to make sure that there are no easy access points for rodents. The exterior openings of drain pipes and exhaust pipes on your property should be covered with steel mesh screens to prevent rodents from gaining entrance. Any gaps around doors and windows should be sealed tightly.

Although mice and rats can lead to big problems in a hotel, you can keep them from troubling your property by dealing with them swiftly whenever you detect them. As long as you keep their access points restricted as much as possible, you can keep rodents under control at your hotel. Make sure to regularly inspect for rodents so that you can handle them as quickly as possible if they trouble you. Remember to always consult with a pest control professional like the ones at UltraPro Pest Protection to ensure your response to rodent issues is as thorough as possible.