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(Newswire.net — December 29, 2016) — Filling in for an employee who is out has some excellent advantages, but you will want to keep the following etiquette tips in mind as you are not only representing your own brand but also that of the agency.


While you may think the clock can be a suggestion since you don’t have a permanent commitment to the company for which you are temping, being even a minute late can cause an enormous amount of stress on the team you are supporting. To be safe, give yourself an extra 15 or 20 minutes in the morning when you are getting ready so you can mitigate traffic or other unforeseen delays. Have your temporary agency contact programmed in your mobile device in case you do experience an unexpected delay. As the old saying goes, if you are early you are on time; if you are on time, you are late; and if you are late then you are out.

Minimize Distractions

Bad breath or body odor can be a very annoying distraction so ensure you have showered, brushed teeth and taken care of any other potentially offensive body element. Ensure clothes are stain-free and pressed. Also, avoid excessive jewelry or fragrances as they can be distracting.

Dress Appropriately

For dress clothes, ensure no cleavage is showing and that skirts are the appropriate length for the work environment. Women should avoid overly high heels or tight clothing that could distract. For everyone, you want to stay comfortable, yet professional. Even “Casual Friday” does not mean yoga pants and a tight t-shirt. Dress slightly nicer than you think others may be dressed just to play it safe.

Phone Etiquette

Turn your mobile device off or to vibrate, and ensure your friends and family know you cannot talk or text while you are at your job. Make sure they understand not to contact you unless it is an emergency.

Keep Things in Place

If you are filling in for an employee who is out for an extended period of time, it still is not your place to rearrange their desk or hang your own personal photos in place of theirs. Respect that the desk you hold is only yours for a brief period of time. The only exception may be if the desk is messy beyond your ability to conduct work. If that is the case, ask the supervisor if it is ok to tidy up a bit.

Stay Away from TMI

Regardless of your background, the temporary employment agency has placed you in this role to do a particular job. This is not a therapist’s couch or a dating service, so avoid giving too much information (TMI). Be friendly but save the stories about your relationship issues or other overly personal details for another time.

Following these simple etiquette guidelines can help lift your own brand, and the company for which you are working now may request to hire you again or even make you a full-time offer once this temporary assignment ends.

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