Podiatrists Reveal the Techniques in Dealing With Foot Cramps

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(Newswire.net — January 19, 2017) Wilmington, DE — While the feet are often parts of the body that many people think do not need a lot of  caring and attention, they can be a cause of a pain and discomfort when problems, such as foot cramps, take place.

Podiatrists reveal the techniques in dealing with foot cramps. This condition suddenly develops, and can cause intense, sharp pain for about three minutes.

Cramps and spasms typically happen in the feet and toes.  The feet carry the weight of the body all day, especially when standing, walking, or engaging in any other physical activities. Quick treatment for cramps is believed to be helpful in immediately stopping the pain.

One of the measures foot cramp sufferers should do is to stop doing their activity, and this may include exercising. There are certain activities that cause spasm or cramp and added strain on the feet.

It is important to remember that muscle cramps are typically unexpected and sudden. They are characterized by repeated contractions that are causing spasms of a muscle. Stretching is essential in stopping the cramps quickly.

Stretching the muscle can inhibit it from staying in a cramped or contracted position. It works best when sufferers try to hold the stretched position for a minute or longer. They may then release when the repeated contractions starts to slow down or stop.

When the cramps attempt to return, sufferers may repeat the stretched position. Cramping usually takes place at the arch of the foot and the toes.

While seated, grab the toes using the hands to stretch the arches. Sufferers may them pull upward until they feel a stretch in their arch. They may hold their position for 30 seconds before releasing.

In addition to stretching, sufferers may also put weight on the cramping foot as this can significantly help stretch their tendons, muscles, and ligaments.  Once the foot or toe area starts to cramp, they may change their positions so that the weight of their body is on the painful foot.

Experts also advise that sufferers walk around to avoid cramping again. In addition to foot cramps, there are actually many other foot problems to avoid, such as calluses. Calluses typically form when the skin is constantly exposed to friction and pressure.

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