Identity Theft Protection Services Could Help Increase Protection Against Fraudsters

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( — January 19, 2017) Tallahassee, FL — The prevalence of identity theft cases has been increasing from around the world over the years. While governments and financial entities have been introducing measures to fight thieves, it seems that the number of identity theft victims continue to increase.

Identity theft protection services could help increase protection against fraudsters. Many credit card holders find these services extremely helpful, especially those who never imagined themselves to be in the shoes of an identity theft victim.

Services often include monitoring of credit report. Loans and other activities are usually reflected on the credit report of the holder, and thus, it can be quite easy and fast for them to detect suspicious activities even before they cause damages.

In addition to credit report monitoring, service providers also keep track of the personal information and financials of consumers. Loan applications, bank accounts, and credit cards are examples of financials.

Personal information includes the driver’s license number and social security number. If there are unauthorized changes in the address, consumers are instantly alerted.

One of the features usually offered by identity theft protections services is security software for computers, which include antivirus software. This tool is designed to protect computers against hackers.

There are even software programs that provide encrypted logins, which are quite helpful when consumers are dealing with banking websites.

Paying for these services has long been believed to be one of the best ways to fight fraudsters. There are actually other ways to increase protection against identity thieves and one is to use the RFID blocking sleeves for credit cards and passports.

Today, the highly prevalent form of identity theft is influenced by the wide availability of card skimming devices, which can be purchased cheaply and easily online.

These card skimming devices work by obtaining or establishing a connection from the signals of credit and debit cards. Once signals are established, the device can steal information. What makes them even more alarming is that they can be used even if the victim and thief do not make physical contact or are a few feet away from each other.

The RFID blocking sleeves protect credit and debit cards from these skimming devices. These sleeves block the signal and ensure that the information of consumers is protected.

Many consumers are actually relying on the use of these sleeves, especially those who usually go through crowded areas such as subways and airports to go to work or travel.

Individuals who want to take advantage of what these sleeves can offer may purchase them at (

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