How to Keep Tennants While Getting Rid of Centipedes

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( — January 26, 2017) — Centipedes are the thousand-legged pests that none of your tennants want to see. This article will provide you with ways on how to get rid of them safely. 

Use Safe Methods to Get Rid of Centipedes In Multifamily Buildings

If you own or manage a multifamily structure, it is essential to use safe methods to get rid of any vermin infestation to avoid exposing tenants to dangerous chemicals. You don’t want the expense of sending your tenants to a hotel for several days while pest control professionals like Ultrapro Pest Protection perform their extermination services. Centipede infestations are a rare occurrence, but your tenants will not want to cope with these pests that have multiple legs.

Centipedes Are Often Venomous

One set of the legs hides a mouthpart that a centipede can use to inject poison in an insect or human. This venom leads to fever, chills and nausea in adults, but it is more serious for children. In addition, a small portion of the population is allergic to centipede venom, leading to anaphylactic shock that causes respiratory distress. Several species of centipedes also release toxins through the skin, and these chemicals can burn your skin.

Property Managers Must Protect Their Tenants

The potential dangers from centipedes make it imperative for an apartment manager or owner to have the vermin eliminated from a building as quickly as possible. Failing to provide a safe environment for tenants can lead to a lawsuit. By contacting an exterminator, it is possible to have a building inspected and treated to get rid of a centipede infestation.

Type of Environments Centipedes Enjoy

Centipedes tend to live in moist environments, and if you have an apartment building that is in a humid area, then it is more likely to have an infestation of these pests. Additional reasons for having too much moisture in a building is have a leaking roof or damaged plumbing fixtures. After a few centipedes begin to live in a building where there is excess moisture, the pests begin to breed, leading to an abundance of these pests.

You Must Eliminate a Building’s Moisture

Pest control professionals will inspect a building to make recommendations concerning safe extermination that will not disrupt the lives of your tenants. Some of the things that an exterminator might recommend include:

• Replacing a building’s broken water pipes

• Repairing a structure’s a damaged roof

• Removing wet debris such as mulch or leaves

• Improving a building’s ventilation to dry wet surfaces

• Installing a dehumidifier to reduce a building’s humidity

When the moisture is removed from the interior of a structure, the exterminators can concentrate on the exterior of the building to keep additional centipedes from entering the foundation.

Centipedes Live In Buildings Where There Are Other Insects

Centipedes consume other insects such as cockroaches, beetles and ants, and if your apartment building has an infestation of centipedes, then it probably has other vermin. To eliminate the centipedes in a multifamily dwelling, we can perform other types of extermination to get rid of the centipedes’ food sources. An exterminator can create an effective plan to eliminate other insects safely to avoid exposing your tenants to dangerous chemical sprays and poisons.

How Ultrapro Pest Protection Can Help Customers

In New Jersey or New York, it is easy to find professional pest control professionals by calling Ultrapro Pest Control. Our company understands how to control centipedes in a safe manner in multifamily buildings. Our exterminators can apply natural sprays that will deter centipedes from entrance points such as the holes and crevices of a building’s foundation. We can also place sticky traps in areas that are away from humans and pets in order to capture centipedes. Contact us with the information below on all the ways we can help your business.

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