Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers May Be at an Increased Risk of Surprise Heart Attack

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(Newswire.net — February 6, 2017) Orlando, FL — January 30, 2017) Orlando, FL – A heart attack is one of the scariest possibilities that many people are trying to avoid. There are many factors that may trigger a heart attack, and one is the existence of a certain medical condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers may be at an increased risk of a surprise heart attack.  Rheumatoid arthritis is the second most prevalent arthritic condition today. It may cause pain and immobility as well as reduce the overall quality of life of sufferers.

According to Dr. Adriana Puente, a cardiologist in the National Medical Centre “20 de Noviembre” ISSSTE in Mexico City, Mexico, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis tend to be at a heightened risk of a surprise heart attack.

A study was conducted that found that the risk still increased even in the absence of symptoms. It was also not dependent of smoking, diabetes, and other cardiovascular risk factors. Dr. Puente added that the study showed a quarter of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers without heart disease symptoms may potentially suffer from heart attack without any warning at all.

In the study, there were 91 participants with rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers tried to investigate the presence of coronary artery disease and ischemia in the participants. The participants had traditional cardiovascular risk factors but did not suffer from heart disease symptoms.

The researchers measured rheumatoid arthritis disease activity, inflammatory markers, and certain risk factors. It was found that 55% of the participants have high blood lipids, 14% were smokers, 32% had hypertension, and 10% had type 2 diabetes.

The condition is believed to impact 1.6% of the general population. It is often the first reason for consultation in the rheumatology service. Rheumatoid arthritis may potentially almost double heart attack risk. Unfortunately, most arthritis sufferers do not have any idea about having a heart disease and were never made aware about their cardiovascular risk.

Today, arthritis sufferers resort to a variety of measures to improve pain and their overall health condition. There are even those who use natural alternatives such as glucosamine, which is believed to be an effective joint health enhancing ingredient.

Glucosamine is believed to help repair damage in the cartilage, which is often due to wear and tear. There are many glucosamine supplements available nowadays, and most popular of which contain other potentially beneficial ingredients such as chondroitin, MSM, and turmeric.


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