Ultimate Kitchen Announces Warranty on Fillet Knife

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(Newswire.net — February 4, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, retail marketer Ultimate Kitchen found offering a fillet knife was a deviation from their usual online kitchen merchandise roster. Hunting and fishing are prevalent in their geographical backyard, so expanding their product line to include something for the outdoors was a natural fit for the family owned company. Ultimate Kitchen is confident this knife will be a reliable addition to the outdoor sportsman’s list of necessary equipment. Their confidence has led them to offer a lifetime replacement warranty for each knife.

The lifetime replacement warranty being offered on the Ultimate Kitchen fillet knife with gut spoon guarantees a full product replacement. If the knife breaks for any reason the customer only needs to contact Ultimate Kitchen and a replacement will be sent out immediately. Delivery will occur usually within two days.

“This fillet knife has been a great fit for our company,” said Suzanne Weir, Marketing Director for Ultimate Kitchen. “We loved that this knife is so versatile. It fits perfectly in a tackle box, or with hunting supplies. This knife will also find many uses in the kitchen. I have used it for boning chicken. The nylon handle does not slip, which is great for control.”

The Ultimate Kitchen Fillet Knife with Gut Spoon is listed on Amazon for the purchase price of $39.95. The knife features a seven inch blade forged from 8CR13 stainless steel. The steel is heat-tempered and designed to be easy to sharpen and retain a sharp cutting edge. Included in each purchase is a custom fit sheath that is able to attach the knife to a belt or backpack.

Ultimate Kitchen has posted a descriptive product video to highlight the features of their Fillet Knife with Gut Spoon. The video can be viewed on YouTube. See a fisherman using the knife as the features are highlighted.

With the purchase of each Ultimate Kitchen fillet knife, buyers will receive access to an eBook entitled “How to Fillet a Fish (With Recipes)”. The book will take the novice step by step through the boning and fillet process. There are many recipes for fish as well as other meats and vegetables.

The stainless steel fillet knife with gut spoon has been well received since it first became available, exclusively on Amazon. It has a strong rating on Amazon, with positive reviews.

An Amazon purchaser, Dmbtruefanon said in a product review, “Got this item for my husband since he loves fishing! He really likes the knife! He said it is made well & the blade is nice & sharp. It works great & has become a “regular” in his tackle box! :) It comes with a great sheath that you can wear on your belt too. We would purchase again.”

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