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(Newswire.net — February 4, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Storing food using vacuum sealing technology has been growing in popularity. Removing the air that surrounds foods allows them to last longer when stored. Air promotes the growth of bacteria, thus causing foods to spoil more quickly. Vacuum sealing enables users to increase the lifespan of food. Users also find they can buy food in bulk amounts at a lower cost, and preserve portions or full meals for later use. Due to the benefits of saving money through vacuum sealing, Ultimate Kitchen decided to include vacuum sealing items in their line of kitchen products.

“Including vacuum sealing products was an easy decision for our company,” said Suzanne Weir, Marketing Director for Ultimate Kitchen. “We saw the growing popularity trending among busy moms and dads. The positive feedback we have received so far tells me that customers like being able to save time by preparing meals in advance. As a busy mom myself, I can plan a whole weeks-worth of meals for my family. I can buy in bulk (which saves money) then create the portions I want for family dinners. Saving time and money is a win-win!”

The Ultimate Kitchen compact vacuum sealer is listed on Amazon. Since its recent release in 2016, it has received high reviews from buyers. Amazon provides a forum for buyers to rate the products they purchase. The vacuum sealer has earned a 4.8 star rating. A five star rating is Amazon’s highest. Customers can also write reviews on products.

Buyer Shelby P wrote in a review, “I’ve never owned a vacuum sealer before but am now regretting waiting so long! It’s cost-efficient to buy larger packages of meat and then divide them up into smaller portions. I previously did this using large freezer bags. And while it worked alright, I wasn’t able to remove the air from the bag, so freezer burn was a big concern with my homemade portioning. I like that there is a little reservoir to collect liquids, as some of the meats I use are a little juicier. I have used several different sized bags with great luck! I also purchased the vacuum containers to use as well. [I am] looking forward to using this sealer for many other purposes moving forward. So far, it works great portioning out various types of fresh meats.”

The Ultimate Kitchen compact vacuum sealer is listed exclusively on Amazon for $44.95. The sealer is designed for use with plastic storage bags that can be cut to size to accommodate food portions. The sealer will also attach to the Ultimate Kitchen food storage canister via a plastic tube (included in the purchase). The white, compact sealer measures 16.6 long, 8.1 inches wide and five inches deep. It features a delicate setting to prevent fragile foods from being crushed during the sealing process. There is a moist food setting, for foods with high moisture content or for marinating quickly. The vacuum sealer comes with a five year product replacement warranty from Ultimate Kitchen.

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