Experts Reveal the After Running Foot Care Techniques

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( — February 14, 2017) Wilmington, DE — Physical activities, such as running, are essential in maintaining optimum health. However, people should always remember to care for their feet before and after doing physical activities.

Experts reveal the foot care techniques after running. The feet also have certain needs, especially after some physical activities. Taking care of the feet can prevent certain problems like blisters and swelling, which can increase the risk of injuries.

After the running routine, it is essential to inspect the feet for blisters. Blisters should be cleaned well, cushioned through the use of a pad, and then protected. It is important to remember that blisters can actually heal on their own.

Dr. Perry Julien, a podiatrist with Atlanta Foot and Ankle Center, states that a majority of blisters can actually be drained. However, it is important to have them drained properly. Dr. Julien is a runner himself.

A sterile needle may be used in draining a blister, which may then be covered with antiseptic and bandage. The skin over the top should be kept intact as it can protect the tender skin underneath.

After hitting the shower, runners should make time in moisturizing their feet. They may use a foot cream while their feet are still damp from the shower. Doing this will help rehydrate the skin, ease dryness, and reduce the risk of heel fissures.

For achy and swollen feet after running, a soak in a cold water is recommended. Cold water can help constrict the blood vessels and muscle fibers. This is believed to significantly help decrease soreness and swelling.

Water and ice may be combined in a bin, and it is where the feet should be soaked for about 10 minutes. Epsom salts can also be added in the water to decrease swelling.

One of the foot care routines is to give the feet a nice massage as it can ease soreness. Runners may do it themselves or get a professional massage. There are tools that can help massage the feet such as a tennis ball, frozen water bottle, and foot-specific rollers.

Calluses are also one of the foot problems runners should avoid. Callus formation is usually due to the exposure of friction or pressure on the skin. One of the best ways to buff calluses is to use an electric callus remover.

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