Experts Reveal the Credit Card Tricks That Will Save You Money

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( — February 14, 2017) Tallahassee, FL — For many people, credit cards are responsible for their inability to manage their finances. These cards make spending fast and effortless. The good news is that there are actually ways to make the use of credit cards favorable to card holders.

Experts reveal the credit card tricks that will save consumers money. Card holders need to understand that these credit cards are relevant financial instruments, and thus, they need to know how to play the game right.

Irresponsible use of credit cards eventually leads holders to accumulate debts they cannot afford to pay. Playing the game right allows them to stay out of debt and gain value from their cards.

Individuals whose credit card application has been rejected despite their good credit may ask the bank to reconsider. Initial rejection may at times be a guess of the computer in terms of your credit worthiness. Consumers may tell the bank about their excellent payment history.

Card holders may also avail of better sign-up bonus offer in case they are unable to avail of it while signing up. Calling the bank is all that it takes to have the offer applied on their account.

Unscrupulous merchants often waste the time and energy of card holders by making some inappropriate charges. Card holders waste an enormous amount of time just getting a refund.

One of the techniques that consumers can do, in case the company is unwilling to provide a refund, is to inform them of their intention to request a chargeback from the credit card issuer. Chargeback can actually result in increased merchant fees, which many retailers fear.

Retailers are also more likely to reconsider their stand or position once they hear the word chargeback. Otherwise, card holders can call their bank and this can lead to a temporary credit. Once they provide the supporting documents, the temporary credit will become permanent.

Awesome sign-up bonuses come every now and then. Signing up for them can be easy and beneficial. Another trick is to maximize the statement cycle. Banks typically offer free loan to those who fully pay their balances on time, and this is an opportunity card holders should not miss.

Credit card holders should ensure that they manage their cards and finances properly. It is similarly important that they protect their cards from identity thieves.

The RFID blocking sleeves for credit cards and passports can be used to ward off fraudsters. These sleeves prevent crooks from stealing personal and financial information, which can be used for fraudulent purposes.

Individuals who want to take advantage of these sleeves may go to (

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