Magnesium May Potentially Be an Excellent Skin Care Option

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( — March 7, 2017) Orlando, FL — Skin care products are widely available in the market today. However, not many people know that addressing certain skin issues may be as simple as supplying the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium may potentially be an excellent skin care option. People have become so used to utilizing the wide variety of skin care products available in the market.

These products are massively produced, and there are those that work in providing solutions to certain skin health problems. However, there are also products that are ineffective and may be a waste of money and time.

Unfortunately, there are products that contain ingredients harmful to the body. These ingredients may eventually jeopardize health, instead of addressing the skin care problems.

Consumers should understand that there are certain skin health issues that may not be properly addressed by using some skin care products. These skin health issues could even develop from internal problems in the body, such as with a magnesium deficiency.

It is important to note that magnesium is one of the most prevalent minerals in the human cells. It has the potential ability to offer various health benefits, such as regulating blood pressure or lowering cardiovascular disease risks.

This unique mineral may even help reduce migraines and menstrual cramps. It may also play a role in improving skin health.

According to some experts, there are enzymes that take care of regulating the replication and repair of DNA. These enzymes actually need magnesium’s possible antioxidant powers so that they’d be able to do their job. 

In its absence, the skin becomes susceptible to a host of malefactors that produce wrinkles, which include inflammation and free radical damage.

The book called “The Magnesium Miracle” demonstrates a study that reveals skin cells developed without magnesium were twice as susceptible to free radical attacks.

It is important to understand that without DNA repair, and when free radicals continue to attack, it may increase the risk of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are problems affecting the skin that are believed to result from magnesium deficiency, and one is eczema. Low magnesium levels may trigger the production of histamines.

It is important to remember that histamines may create red, itchy skin blotches. These blotches normally result from swollen blood vessels, which leak fluid into the tissues and skin.

In addition to the production of histamines, a deficiency of magnesium may also lead to reduced levels of fatty acids on the skin. It may even decrease moisture and elasticity as well as produce the perfect skin condition for inflammation and dryness.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition cited a study in 2007. It was revealed that magnesium helped in reducing inflammation, which is caused by excessive amount of C-reactive protein and E-selectin.

It is important to remember that production of E-selectin is often due to injury. This includes instances when acne-causing bacteria penetrate the skin. Acne inflammation may result from the presence of E-selectin.

Magnesium is thought to decrease the effects of E-selectin as well as reduce inflammation. Magnesium may be obtained from certain types of food, such as leafy greens and cashews.

There are also products, such as one offered by Purest Vantage, called the Magnesium Oil Spray with Aloe Vera. This spray is an excellent product for individuals who seek to manage skin problems easily, efficiently, and safely.

It is worth noting that Aloe Vera has also been popularized by its potential benefits for the skin. This spray contains the ingredients of magnesium and Aloe Vera.



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