20% of Parents Will Experience an Emergency Situation at Home

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(Newswire.net — March 6, 2017) Woodbridge, Virginia — A recent study in Great Britain revealed that while 20% of parents have encountered an emergency situation with their children at home, most of them did not know how to administer basic first aid, and 60% of all homes did not have first aid kits. The study advised that parents enroll in a first aid course, so they can safely and appropriately give aid to their children in an emergency, in a calm and composed manner, as well as, stock their homes with a first aid kit.

In most countries, it is very easy to find and enroll in a local first aid course. The most recommended way to find a course is through the Red Cross website. The Red Cross is a reputable organization, and taking a course with them ensures you are learning the most up-to-date first aid procedures and technologies. You can do a simple online first aid course, but taking a First Aid Certification course combined with a CPR course is most recommended. The hands-on approach of these courses guarantees you are not only learning about the procedures and technologies, but also experiencing them firsthand and learning how to do them yourself. 

A fully stocked first aid kit is also important to have at home (and in the car, strapped to the bike, in the picnic basket, in the swim bag, etc.) in a handy spot that can be easily accessed. A first aid kit should contain more than just bandages and alcohol wipes, as the purpose is to be prepared for any basic emergency situation. Fortunately, there are many fully-equipped first aid options on the market these days.
The highest rated first aid kit on Amazon is the Surviveware First Aid Kit, a compact, light-weight, water-resistant pack that holds 100 first aid items. Its exterior is red, so it is easily spotted. The items inside cover most basic first aid needs, such as splinter probes, a CPR mask, surgical gloves, shears, triangular bandages, eye pads and hypoallergenic dressing tape. 
Customers rave about its ease of use, such as this review from Michael: “This is the best small First Aid Kit ever, high quality, light, convenient, organized. I love the identification for quick response, everything you need is in it, you only have to put a few personal things for your specific activity and you’re done… Perfect for traveling all over the world. You can see that it’s made by a professional as soon as you open the Kit.” 

In addition to loving the organization and layout of the kit, customers are also excited about its compact size and functionality, such as reported by Gregory in his review: “This well packaged kit fits in most small backpacks without noticeable bulk and intrusion of other storage compartments. Water proof and durable with the most common first aid components for outdoors enthusiasts. The packing of items is simple and uniform with maximum use of space and organization. The kit can also be attached on the outside of any backpack. Excellent product for most incidents requiring first aid.”
If your house is missing a first aid kit or you are missing a First Aid certification, then now is the time to act. Check the Red Cross website for upcoming courses in your area http://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/first-aid/first-aid-training/first-aid-certification and visit Amazon.com to purchase a First Aid Kit.

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