The Russian Ambassador to the US Marked as a Top Spy by CNN

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( — March 5, 2017) — Since CNN News reported on Wednesday that U.S. Intelligence has proof that the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. is a top spy, responsible for recruiting and creating a diplomatic spy net in America. Kremlin fumed over these allegations, deniying its U.S. ambassador is a spy.

After pushing NATO to the Russian Federation border and launching various false reports on Russian appetite for war, the U.S. Intelligence finally managed to upset Moscow, by accusing its embassy in Washington to be the spy headquarters.  

The report sparked accusations that CNN is fabricating news. When asked to comment on the report, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, asked the CNN reporter to “stop spreading lies and false news.” Zakharova stressed that his Excellency Sergey Kislyak is “a well-known, world-class diplomat.“

“He was a deputy minister of foreign affairs in Russia, who has communicated with American colleagues for decades in different fields, and CNN accused him of being a Russian spy … of recruiting? Oh my God!” Zakharova added.

Referring to a CNN’s report, Zakharova told reporters at the press briefing on Thursday that the job of diplomats is to communicate. “Everyone knows how diplomats work and their work consists of making contacts,” she stressed.

Kremlin spokesman, Dimitry Peskov, said that the media “blew it out of proportion“, referring to the alleged meetings Ambassador Kislyak had with top U.S. politicians from Trump’s administration. “Nobody has heard a single statement from U.S. intelligence agencies’ representatives regarding our ambassador,“ Peskov said, accusing the media of spinning Russia’s interference in U.S. affairs.

Peskov accused parties that counter the warming relationship between the U.S. and the Russian Federation, stressing that Russia has never interfered in the domestic affairs of another country.

The U.S. Intelligence agencies are still inspecting allegations that Moscow used hackers to help Donald Trump enter the White House, in order to relax U.S.- Russia tensions.

After losing the presidential race, the Democrats asked for an independent investigation that would determine Trump’s “ties“ with Putin. CNN reported that U.S. Intelligence agencies found out that Donald Trump and members of his staff had contacts with Russian ambassador Kislyak.

Exactly, how odd is that?