Bladder Infections May Be Associated With Bladder Cancer

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( — March 15, 2017) Orlando, FL — Today, there are many people who suffer from bladder infections. While this type of condition can be treated through the use of medications, there is a chance that it may turn fatal.

Bladder infections may be associated with bladder cancer. According to some experts, this life-threatening condition could result from repeated irritation of the bladder’s lining. Irritation may be due to the use of harsh chemicals for a long period.

Blood in the urine is the most common early symptom of the condition. However, it is worth noting that blood in the urine could also be due to other causes. The development of bladder cancer could be due to occupational, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

A condition called Schistosomiasis is caused by an infection involving the parasite called Schistosoma haematobium. This is otherwise known as flat worm, which is normally found in Egypt.

This condition may be contacted from contaminated water. It causes chronic inflammatory response, which could cause changes in the bladder lining. This is especially true to individuals who are re-infected.

Bladder cancer may also be due to chronic cystitis, indwelling catheter, urinary calculi, and stones.

According to estimates, approximately 2-10% of paraplegics with indwelling catheters may contract bladder cancer. This is also true for women who suffer from recurrent UTIs.

The use of certain antibiotics has also been linked with the development of bladder cancer. Antibiotics are typically used to treat various conditions, which include urinary tract infections and bladder problems.

There may be safer alternatives to antibiotics, and one is thought to be D-Mannose. Today, more and more sufferers of UTIs and bladder infections are considering the use of natural, safer alternatives such as D-Mannose.

It has long been established that antibiotics may carry along certain side effects. These side effects may include antibiotic resistance or the increased risk of developing bladder cancer.

D-Mannose is widely believed to be one of the safest and most effective alternatives to certain medications. It is thought to work by binding bacteria for the purpose of flushing it from the body.

Antibiotics, on the other hand, work by killing both good and bad bacteria. This could mean a loss of good bacteria, which may have negative effects on the body.

There are those who use D-Mannose as an alternative to antibiotics for bladder problems. This option may potentially reduce the risk of bladder cancer.

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