Ultimate Kitchen Releases Video for New Sealer Bags

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(Newswire.net — March 10, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen has been navigating the ecommerce domain for many years. Throughout this time they have been bringing innovative kitchen merchandise to their expanding customer base, a base which is broadening worldwide. In their early days the company decided to partner solely with internet giant Amazon. Due to Amazon’s online market domination, as evidenced by their multi-billion dollar annual sales, Ultimate Kitchen knew the venue was right for their company. Amazon has become a trusted site for online shoppers. Since a customer driven focus is central for Ultimate Kitchen, purchasing their brand through Amazon affords their customers one more layer of confidence.

Suzanne Weir, Marketing Director for Ultimate Kitchen said, “The informational video was produced by Ultimate Kitchen as a way for our company to help people feel confident in their purchase. Properly using the vacuum sealing bags allows customers to better be able to reap the full benefits of using vacuum sealing to store food. Once buyers get the hang of it, they will use it for everything! There are so many benefits to vacuum sealing. I can put an entire meal in one of our large bags. I freeze, heat and eat. My family loves how simple it is.”

Posted on YouTube, the Ultimate Kitchen instructional video shows the entire vacuum sealing process from start to finish. The sealer bags will function with any Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealer, or any clamp style sealing machine.

Ultimate Kitchen’s 11 inch by 15 3/4 inch vacuum sealer bags are listed exclusively on Amazon, for $24.99. Prime members will receive free shipping on the purchase. The set of 50 sealer bags is the largest size Ultimate Kitchen offers. They are multi-ply, so designed to prevent leaking and tearing. Multiple layers of plastic help prevent foods from freezer burn. Because they are BPA-free, the bags are microwave-safe, allowing users to take food directly from the refrigerator or freezer and heat/defrost in the microwave. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher and reused.

Reviews on the bags have been positive. On the listing page, Amazon buyer pattybrown said in a review, “I got these so my husband can use them to put deer meat in and to separate meat that we get big packs from the store. These are so easy to use and seal tight together. I had my husband put chicken in some of them that was precooked to freeze so we can have it at a later date to eat. These are good to put different kind of meats in I will be cooking like meatloaf and meatballs and freezing them for later. These are made very thick and [a] nice quality product to get.”

Ultimate Kitchen sells three different sizes of sealer bags, and two sizes of reusable plastic storage containers. All are designed to function with the Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealers, available in three models. All items are sold separately.

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