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(Newswire.net — March 31, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Customer support is a good way to maintain and attract new clients to a business. Ultimate Kitchen strives to strategize ways of how to keep its existing clients as it prospects for more. One of the methods they use is offering discounts on its different products throughout the year.

Discounts on products enable new customers to try out those products and the existing clients get a chance to enjoy the reduced price. Ultimate Kitchen usually provides discounts on its different kitchen products shortly after launching them. The Ultimate Kitchen sink soap dispenser with an oil bronze finish is being offered at a discount of 20% which makes the price $19.99 instead of its original price, $24.99. This sale will continue up to the end of April.

The sink soap dispenser is designed to easily fit in most sinks and match with oil bronzed kitchen décor. It comes with a 3-inch nozzle that extends over the sink. The five-year warranty being given by the manufacturer is a surety that the product is a quality one. In the case of any defects, the company is willing to replace the soap dispenser.

“We want to reach far and wide to access various markets by all means possible,” said Cassie Clark, Director of Operations at Ultimate Kitchen. “We devise ways that can enable us access markets that haven’t been penetrated before. The discount we are introducing on this built in sink soap dispenser is one way of getting there. We have reduced the price so that new and current clients can have a taste of this quality soap dispenser in their kitchen or bathroom.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s stainless steel soap dispenser is rated 4.5 stars out of the possible 5 on Amazon. Amazon uses a system to rate its product from the reviews clients leave behind. A score of 1 to 5 stars is awarded to the product by Amazon buyer. This indicates how the product has been received and if it’s effective or not.

The partnering of Ultimate Kitchen with Amazon has enabled the firm to reach a broader customer base. Amazon has grown steadily over the years and is very efficient in its operations. As a result of this, many online buyers prefer using Amazon to purchase online goods. Ultimate Kitchen has been able to reach worldwide clients through Amazon and it will continue using the site to expand its product lines.

The sink soap dispenser from Ultimate Kitchen can be refilled from the top. It is constructed from stainless steel material for longevity. Also, the built in sink soap dispenser has an installation video that eases the setup of the soap dispenser for the purchaser.

Ultimate Kitchen is an online marketer with various products to offer. The brand comes up with new products every year which are available around the world through its partnership with Amazon. Some of the kitchen products that the firm provides include chef knives, sink faucets, and food vacuum sealers, among many others. For more information concerning the sink soap dispenser, follow the links below.

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