Tops Cannabis on the Role of Extracts in Cancer Therapy

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( — April 5, 2017) Huntington Beach, CA — Cancer patients face many hurdles as medical professionals work to combat the disease. Emerging research has given those patients new hope as they seek safer alternatives to chemotherapy drugs. Tops Cannabis, the leading medical marijuana delivery service in Southern California, recently discussed some of the research that points to extracted cannabis oil as a potent anti-cancer therapeutic agent. “Extracts have been shown in several limited medical studies to provide benefits for those suffering from cancer,” says a spokesperson for Tops. “More research is needed, but early results are very promising.”  To learn more about preliminary studies on the effects, visit

In a number of laboratory studies conducted over the past three years, researchers noted that chemicals in the cannabis oil killed cancerous cells without harming healthy tissues. Cannabis oil is extracted from fresh plant material in several ways. The two primary chemicals in the extracted oil are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and are referred to as cannabinoids by the medical community. The studies indicated that while these compounds demonstrated effectiveness at slowing down or reversing the growth of cancer cells under carefully-controlled laboratory conditions, additional research is needed. Of particular interest to researchers is that unlike traditional pharmaceutical agents, cannabinoids in cannabis oil and other extracts do not have the negative side effects associated with chemotherapy. Patients in clinical trials reported less nausea, hair loss, and weakness than patients undergoing current chemotherapy treatments. The cannabinoids in cannabis extracts potentially represent a safer, healthier, and less debilitating treatment option for many patients. Physicians and other medical treatment professionals are recommending alternative therapies for their patients as well. In California, Proposition 215, or the law that permits medical cannabis use in the state, was passed in 1996 and served as a reference for laws in many other states.

Other studies conducted over recent years have pointed to a variety of other therapeutic applications; each of these chemical compounds may have other valuable benefits for cancer patients, as well as, people struggling with chronic pain, joint disorders, and depression. Medical marijuana proponents, especially in states like California where there have been established state laws, know that by working with researchers and medical professionals, patients will have better treatment options in the future. “Patients should speak to their medical providers and with medical cannabis experts before deciding on treatment plans,” says the spokesperson for Tops, which delivers medical marijuana products throughout Orange County. “The future looks very promising for patients and for care providers.” For more information about the delivery service, visit

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