Research Reveals Stimulating The Deep Brain Structure May Potentially Ease Chronic Pain

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( — April 26, 2017) Orlando, FL — Pain is one of the most unfortunate consequences of having arthritis. Unfortunately, it can only be managed but it can’t be cured. Scientists have been conducting studies to help arthritis sufferers improve their condition and their overall quality of life.

Research reveals stimulating the deep brain structure may potentially ease chronic pain. According to researchers, electrical stimulation of the deep, middle brain structure could potentially offer an alternative treatment which is drug-free.

The animal study used a wireless electrical stimulator. It was led by the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), and published in the Experimental Brain Research journal.

According to experts, there is a compelling need to look for new chronic pain treatments that are drug-free. In the United States alone, abuse of prescription opioid medicines have been associated with thousands of overdose-related deaths each year.

In the study, it was found that electrical stimulation on the ventral tegmental area may be an efficient pain treatment by addressing the pathways that affect the sensation and pain perception. The ventral tegmental area is a deep brain structure underneath the cortex that is typically associated with reward.

The technique utilizes a wireless device in delivering electrical stimulation. It works by triggering the release of dopamine, which may potentially help decrease the distress that usually accompanies long-term pain.

Yuan Bo Peng, a professor of psychology at UTA, one of the senior investigators, reveals that their study was the first to use a wireless device in easing pain via direct electrical stimulation of the ventral tegmental area.

While it is still a laboratory test, it can provide a hope in the future that it could alleviate chronic pain without causing side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Pharmaceutical drugs, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), have been widely used by individuals who suffer from arthritis pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. Since the condition is highly debilitating, there are those who seem to settle with the use of these medications on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, these medications cause side effects. The risk of these side effects tend to increase when the intake is frequent or long-term. There has even been a widespread scare in the use of pain medications due to these adverse effects.

There are those who turn to the use of glucosamine, which is widely believed to be a safer alternative to pain medications. This natural remedy is thought to be effective in alleviating arthritis pain (

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