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( — April 19, 2017) Vancouver, Washington — Home aquarium enthusiasts have even more choices now, thanks to the experts at Pet Fish For Sale. The company, a leading provider of pet aquarium fish and aquarium care products, has recently expanded its inventory, offering customers a huge selection of both saltwater and freshwater species. Based in Vancouver, Washington, the online retailer offers fish that are easy to care for, and worldwide shipping options make it easier than ever for aquarium lovers to stock their home tanks. “We are continually adding to our fish inventory,” says a company spokesperson. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the best selection of aquarium fish on the Web.” In addition to its wide selection of common aquarium fish, the company also offers many obscure varieties to customers. To learn more about some of the more unusual fish in the firm’s online storefront, visit

Recently added to the Pet Fish For Sale inventory in the saltwater tropical fish category are:

  • Stars and Stripes Puffers
  • Majestic Angelfish
  • Orange Spot Rabbitfish
  • Pearlscale Butterflyfish

Among the many species of freshwater fish for sale by the company, new additions include:

  • Blue Emperor Tetras
  • Clown Loaches
  • Green Tiger Barbs
  • Black Freshwater Angelfish
  • Male Red Bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Each live fish purchase is supported by the company’s industry-leading guarantee. In the unfortunate but rare event a fish dies during shipping, the company will credit customers for the purchase price. This guarantee is only one of many reasons the firm has quickly become a leader in the aquarium industry.

The Vancouver company was established in 2016. By providing customers with a huge selection of live fish, they have become a go-to resource for aquarium enthusiasts around the world. The company also retails an impressive selection of aquarium care products, such as filters and pumps, premium fish foods, decorative tank accents, and water conditioning solutions. “When we first started our company, we wanted to stand out from the competition,” adds the firm’s spokesperson. “Adding new fish varieties and new products on a continual basis gives us an edge over other online retailers, and customer response has been nothing short of amazing.” For more information on the company and its array of aquarium fish and care products, visit

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