Top 4 Kayak Carrier Brands for 2017

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( — May 13, 2017) — Kayaking is fun. A lot of fun, for adults and children alike. One thing that might however not be so fun about kayaking is transporting the kayak around.

You don’t just bundle a kayak to the roof of your car and tie it with ropes. That might do, but you’ll definitely end up damaging your car roof or the kayak, or both. You’d also run the risk of your kayak flying off the vehicle during transportation.

If you really need to transport your kayak to a destination, then the most important kayaking gear you can own is a kayak carrier, also known as kayak roof rack. Having one will ensure safe and convenient transportation of your kayak.

One other problem you’ll most likely face after deciding to use a kayak carrier is choosing the ideal kayak carrier for you. There are several different kayak carriers around that you’d be spoilt for choice. Though they all fulfill the same purpose, each differs from the other in different ways than just brand names.

This article is not a guide for how to choose the perfect kayak. No. My intention however is to review the top 4 kayak carrier brands for 2017; highlight the features and advantages of the brands and their products, so that you can decide which best suits your unique needs – and budget.

Let’s jump in.

1. Thule

With a reputation as the first company in the world (as far back as 1942) to create gears that made it possible for car owners to transport their own sports equipments by themselves, Thule has a complete range of car rack products suitable for different car models and different outdoor activities.

Their seniority in the industry reflects gracefully in their kayak carrier, like the Thule Hull-A-Port Aero 838, which is not just one of the most expensive car mounting systems available, but also one of the most secure options you can find around.

2. Yakima

Also one of the leading brands of kayak carriers in the world, though with little beginnings, Yakima now produces some of the best car racks in the world. They also have great products under the popular Whispbar and Prorack label.

Yakima is known to be among the most innovative in the industry, with great designs that keep up with the changing times, car designs and sports gears. One of their latest innovative and industry-leading products is the Yakima JayLow Folding J-Cradles, a pair of protective and supportive kayak carriers which, though not inexpensive, will definitely keep your kayak and car safe in almost any condition — think crosswinds and jostling roads.

This innovative product, which allows for a tool-free installation, comes with a lifetime warranty. This shows how confident Yakima is in their products.

3. Malone

With stores located across the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe, plus 10 years of industry leadership and experience, Malone Auto Racks is one of the fastest growing rack accessory companies in North America.

Known to be very innovative and pioneering, Malone is credited with introducing the “J” style kayak carrier to the market, and also with being the first brand to offer “economical load assist modules for single person loading”.

One of their truly revolutionary products is the Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier (with Bow and Stern Lines).

4. TMS

With over 900 mostly positive reviews, and products listed as best-sellers in several kayak-related categories on Amazon, TMS is arguably the topmost player in kayak rack accessories – though far from being a pioneer in the industry.

Worthy of mention is the TMS J-Bar Rack HD, a lightweight, yet strong and durable kayak carrier – thanks to its tubular steel design.

At a decent midrange price point and two sets per order, this carrier sports an easily adjustable padding system that allows you to customize your arrangement in a way that secures and protects your valued kayak.

These are the top 4 kayak carrier brands you can trust this 2017. Buying any of them affords you the confidence and security you need in transporting your kayak around. It’s the best way to protect your car and kayak, and make life easier overall.