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( — May 16, 2017) Dallas, Texas — Internet retail platform is about to stretch its capabilities around the world. Amazon Logistics, the company’s shipping subsidiary, announced recently that it was planning to add air cargo services to its roster in China. The logistics arm is targeting Chinese merchants who sell through Amazon and its related businesses, giving them the ability to ship products around the world as air cargo. Shipping expert Brian D. Ladin knows that air cargo can mean faster delivery of goods from China, which currently relies on Amazon’s ocean freight services to get products to the United States. “Expansion of air cargo operations gives merchants more flexible delivery options,” says Brian, the founder and manager of Delos Shipping. “Amazon is prepared to provide operational support and logistics to Chinese sellers of all sizes.” To learn more about the air cargo expansion, visit


Amazon has scrambled to expand shipping and delivery alternatives after the highly-publicized failure of its vaunted two-day delivery service. In 2014, the company was unable to deliver packages guaranteed by Christmas in time for the holiday, causing customers to lose faith in the retail juggernaut. In 2016, the company began to make preparations for expansion of air cargo services by leasing a fleet of airliners from Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. The fleet of forty 767 freighter jets is expected to handle air cargo from Chinese sellers and other global partners. Amazon also announced that it had planned to move its domestic air cargo hub from Wilmington Air Park in Ohio to the Cincinnati/North Kentucky International Airport, located in Hebron, Kentucky. This move is seen by Brian Ladin and other shipping experts as a way to accommodate expanded air cargo services, both domestically and internationally.

“Amazon did its homework and set the logistics in place well in advance of their air cargo announcement,” adds Brian.

Brian understands global shipping better than most; after a successful career in the financial field, he set his sights on launching a global shipping industry investment firm. His company, Delos Shipping, provides debt capital and equity to shipping concerns around the world. Delos has acquired its own fleet of seagoing vessels and has partnered with German shipping company Konig & Cie as well as working with HCI Group. Brian’s experience in analyzing shipping trends has given him an edge over competitors. He knows that huge corporations like Amazon require multiple delivery platforms to ensure continued success in the global consumer goods market. For more information on Brian and his launch of Delos Shipping, visit

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Brian Ladin is a noted business professional with a reputation for extensive knowledge and natural leadership abilities. As an investment professional in many market sectors, Mr. Ladin’s entrepreneurial track record is one of unrivaled success. He currently serves as the founder and manager of Delos Shipping, a global investment firm that provides equity and debt capital to shipping interests around the world. Mr. Ladin is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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