L-Carnitine Could Potentially Combat Physical and Mental Fatigue

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(Newswire.net — June 2, 2017) Orlando, FL — There are many natural remedies that have been found to be useful for fighting fatigue. One is L-Carnitine, which is gaining an increasing trust and interest among many consumers.

L-Carnitine could potentially combat physical and mental fatigue, and this is based on some clinical trials. According to some researchers, it could also enhance one’s ability to exercise. This natural remedy could also aid in the improvement in the composition of the body.

These therapeutic effects have been found to be more applicable in older study subjects or those with carnitine deficiencies.

It is further worth mentioning that Italian researchers conducted a study. It involved centenarians who had impaired strength and mobility as well as who fatigued easily. The participants were provided with 2g of L-Carnitine capsules on a daily basis. There was also a placebo group in the study.

It was found that the L-Carnitine group achieved an average gain of 8.4 pounds of muscle mass. There was also a loss of four pounds of fat, and improvement in mental and physical endurance.

In the Mini-Mental State Examination Scale, the participants gained an average of four points on the 0 to 30 scale. It is worth mentioning that the MMSE is a common test of memory function.

In addition to these benefits, this natural remedy has further been found to be useful for cardiovascular support. There are actually many other health benefits linked with the use of this natural remedy.

It would be wise to use L-Carnitine supplements for preventive health purposes. While there are many pharmaceutical drugs available for a range of diseases, it is worth mentioning that many of these medications do not work in permanently treating conditions. There are even pharmaceutical drugs that cause side effects.

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