Walt Disney World’s Pandora Getting Rave Reviews

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(Newswire.net — May 28, 2017) Flower Mound, TEXAS — Walt Disney World’s new land of Pandora, built to create the mystical land from the movie Avatar, is getting rave reviews. This breathtaking new world, created by Walt Disney World based on the movie Avatar, was first announced in 2011. Today was the first day the new attraction was open to the public and based on the reported lines and wait times, there are many people who are excited to experience it. And for good cause. The world and rides are simply amazing.

“The Flight of Passage ride was one of the most surreal, exhilirating rides I have ever had the pleasure to experience,” said Lisa Parziale, who was able to score a sneak peak experience exclusively available for cast members and season pass holders. “The ride had me hooting and hollering all the way through it. I actually felt like I was flying on the back of a banshee, who by the way, you could feel breathing.” Parziale was one of the lucky fans who was able to experience Pandora — The World of Avatar on a sneak peak event before the official opening. Limited entry allowed those lucky folks to see the land without crowds or lines and Parziale reported she was able to ride Avatar Flight of Passage 4 times that day and the Na’vi River Journey twice. “We were so lucky to be able to experience the World of Pandora fully, eat the amazingly interesting food and even got to meet Imagineer Joe Rohde, who is the brain child behind this amazing creation.”

Visitors are in for an immersive experience, with glowing plants, floating mountains and water falls. Parziale shared, “Even the attraction’s long, winding queue has so much to see, I actually am looking forward to seeing it again at a slower pace!” Parziale shared that on the sneak peak experience, they simply walked through the queue and directly onto the ride. “The floating mountains are super cool and look so real. The plants have so much detail, you want to spend all day exploring this land.”

The attraction opened today and according to the Orlando Sentinel, lines snaked from the entrance to the land, all the way to the park entrance and beyond. “The queue right now, on the land’s official opening day, snakes out of the area, past the Tree of Life, back toward the park entrance, then doubles back toward Discovery Island. Cast member estimates on the waiting time have already ranged from three to six hours just to set foot on Pandora. That doesn’t count any line time for the two new rides, Flight of Passage and Na’Vi River Journey. Visitors who secured FastPasses to those rides weeks ago are allowed entry to Pandora in a separate line. Incoming guests were encouraged to try other Animal Kingdom experiences.”

By all counts, this will be an amazing success for Walt Disney World and fans will not be disappointed with the experience. Parziale shared, “Even the food and drinks have a fun twist. I enjoyed a delicious margarita that was topped with some sort of banshee eggs or something andcheese cake that looked like it came from out of this world. I am already looking forward to return visits to explore even more and take another FLight of Passage. It is my new favorite ride. Anywhere.”

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