Freedom Belt™ Earns Coveted Best Choice Winner Award

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( — June 1, 2017) Durango, CO — The patented Freedom Belt™ has earned’s “Best Choice Winner Award”.  This special post surgical drainage belt is for all patients who have catheters.  It has been to be found by them to be the “best solution for those who need a drainage bag”.

According to their website, “Topdust product experts educate consumers about today’s most relevant products and services by declaring winners among the most competitive brands. Through rigorous research and experimentation, we find the best of the best in categories including medicine, nutrition, beauty, leisure, lifestyle, education, and business. Topdust is the most trusted and customer-centric source for expert unbiased reviews.

We know that products can be subjective, and that everyone has different preferences. In products, we look for the best in price, quality, longevity, and style. In services, we look for the best bang for your buck, ease of experience, and overall satisfaction. We look for the best, and you can rest assured that products that we embrace as “winners” in a given category have earned our stamp of approval… 

Topdust researchers exhaustively scour the field for the current winners, getting down to the nitty-gritty. We acknowledge a wide variety of perspectives and consolidate them into the most comprehensive and concise review you’ll ever need. And as new data comes out, we’ll be the first to bring you up to speed.”

Freedom Belt™ has won their “Best Choice Winner Award” because when compared to its distant competition, nothing comes even remotely close.  Freedom Belt™ is the only drainage bag support system that’s fully customizable, which can be worn high up on the body for upper body procedures or worn around the waist for a catheter surgically implanted lower down.  It’s the only solution available that offers the ability to securely manage anywhere up to eight drainage bags. Since it is constructed from durable double sided plush elastic. It can be comfortably worn all day and night thereby giving users their freedom back.  Its special 6 point suspension system it firmly secures the drainage bag(s) in place so that users can go about their life as they want to, without limitation.

Freedom Belt customer Carl B. from The Villages in Florida had this to say, “I want to share a better way to live with a catheter.  When my doctor told me of a 4-week recovery after surgery. I knew I had to find a better way to deal with the thin elastic straps that come with a standard leg bag. I’ve used a Freedom Belt for 2 weeks.  Zero fear of the leg bag sliding down my leg, pulling on my catheter.  No worries about readjusting before sitting because the bag rotated to either side of my leg.  The bag stays put. No matter what I do or where I go. Standing, bending, sitting, walking, driving.  Worn under my pants or shorts.  Very discrete and secure.  Highly recommended.” 

Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC the co-developer of the patented Freedom Belt™ had this to say about winning Topdust’s coveted award, “On behalf of the millions of patients who use drainage bags we feel extremely honored that Freedom Belt™ has been recognized as ‘best solution for those who need a drainage bag’.  After personally working non-stop for 18-months to ensure that Freedom Belt™ is the very best product available for patients it is reassuring to know that others feel the exact same way.  

In order to understand why selected Freedom Belt™ for this important award and just as importantly why it’s so critical for any patient who wears a drainage bag, those who are interested for themselves or their loved ones should visit the Freedom Belt™ website at  There are also many videos that can be found throughout the site that will help those interested to understand the Freedom Belt™ difference.” 

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