Getting Your Injury Claim Shouldn’t Be Difficult: Do This

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( — May 30, 2017) — As often said, life itself is a risk. In our daily quest to make a living, we encounter varying degrees of risks ranging from occupational hazards to domestic and environment hazards amongst others. Vehicular accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles etc. are one of such prominent examples.

There are nearly 1.3 million deaths in road crashes around the globe yearly – on average 3,287 deaths a day – and about 20-50 million get injured or disabled. A sizeable amount of these accidents are however caused by negligence or wrongdoing from a third party.

While most countries have put in place insurance policies to mitigate the effects of such occurrences, a significant percentage of the population are either unaware of the claim process or find it too cumbersome.  Some insurance companies also have a degree of culpability in this problem as they tend to complicate the entire process in order to avoid indemnity.

However, leveraging the use of legal advice can make the claim process as easy as pie. Should you need to make an injury claim for yourself or on behalf of a close relative, outlined below are steps to make the process easy and straightforward.

Get medical attention

This sounds weird? Not really. You might have thought seeking medical attention has nothing to do with an injury claim but that’s wrong. As the saying goes, health is wealth. Ensuring you (or the injured party) are in a good state of health is therefore paramount. Furthermore, an insurance company might dismiss your claim of indemnity if you fail to visit a hospital. They could easily argue that you weren’t injured or the injury wasn’t all that bad. Your medical statement, drug prescriptions and receipts are central to the claim process.

Seek legal advice

As stated earlier, it is good to engage the services of an attorney. Law firms can match with attorneys that specialize in injury claim settlement since they would normally have various departments. An experienced attorney can waive through the legal loopholes an insurance company might want to exploit.

Sourcing an attorney has become relatively easy with the proliferation of online law firms. Also, conventional law firms now have online and social media presence through which they can be contacted.

Also, firms that specialize in injury claim settlement will usually have online resources that could guide you. For instance, you need to be on the lookout for motorcycle accident legal info if you got involved in motorcycle accident, ditto for car accident.

Negotiate out-of-court settlement

Not all injury claims should result in a lawsuit and you shouldn’t be keen in that regard either. You might get a higher claim in an out-of-court settlement especially if the other party is not willing to engage in a legal tussle. It also comes with benefits such as reduced expenses and lesser stress. You should possess good negotiating skills however, otherwise let an attorney do that on your behalf.

Take legal action

When negotiations hit the rock, instigating a lawsuit becomes imperative. You would definitely require the services of an attorney at this stage and most of the burden will rest on his/her shoulders.

Filing the initial court papers, determining a compensation that will likely be granted by the court and a host of other court processes will be your attorney’s responsibility. You simply need to provide him/her with required information and he/she can take it from there.

To end with, getting your injury claim should not be burdensome if the steps enumerated above are duly considered.