5 Health Issues Men Shouldn’t Worry So Much About

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(Newswire.net — June 17, 2017) — As a man, it is commendable to take adequate care of your health. This includes routine check-ups, attending clinics, guarding prescription regimen religiously and calling on your health practitioner (as soon as possible) when feeling sick. You should, however, ditch worrying too much about your health.

It is impossible to eradicate worrying and an anxiety in its entirety, too much worrying though, affects your health drastically. Worrying has negative effects on your health which includes making you tired and stressed. It also speeds up the aging process and can lead to depression. Worrying can increase the production of the stress hormone, cortisol which causes disorganization and indecision.

 Due to the proliferation of online and social media marketing, there has been an increased advocacy on paying attention to health issues, especially by males. While there are some ailments or health conditions that warrant you should devote the utmost attention truly, some are virtually insignificant. A vast majority of what is being advertised are not worth the stress.

Here are 5 common health concerns you shouldn’t worry about as a man.

1. Worrying

Yes, worrying about your health is in and of itself a health issue. It goes with the saying that: ‘stop worrying about worrying about your health’. As stated earlier, the internet is filled with junks about how and why you should worry about your health. Experts have made the case that most of us are living far more healthful lives than we realize. It’s, therefore, healthy to stop worrying.

2. The size of your penis

Another common issue men stress out over is the size of the penis. This usually arises from the insecurity of not satisfying a sexual partner. Studies have however shown that majority of the nerves necessary for female sexual satisfaction is located in the frontal part of the vagina. The size of the penis should therefore not be a worrisome issue except when extra-small. For those who care, however, penis exercises are the natural and most effective method of increasing penis size.

3. Cholesterol

There has been quite enough fuss about the ‘demon’ called cholesterol. The internet is filled with resources on different types/kinds of food that should be avoided to prevent high cholesterol levels.

On the contrary, the actual causes of high cholesterol have little to do with food. Having balanced cholesterol level is really about leading a healthy lifestyle. Once you are physically active, not smoking and reduce unsaturated fat intakes, you needn’t worry about high cholesterol levels.

4. Rashes

Rashes are another health phenomenon many feel disturbed about. Minor rashes occur from time to time and are part of our lives. Usually, they are minor skin reactions and would often disappear themselves. Using an antihistamine or applying hydrocortisone cream can help with itching. However, they should be given proper attention when they become recurrent and persistent.

Take note of changes in your personal exigencies such as soaps, creams etc. that may be causing it. If it comes while taking a drug (particularly an antibiotic) seek immediate medical attention. It could be an allergic reaction to an underlying life-threatening condition.

5. Blood pressure

A one-off high or low blood pressure is nothing to worry about. The human body constantly responds to changes. Factors such as sleep, diet, and stress can affect your blood pressure at a particular point in time. It is important to see your doctor if you get several high readings during a month.

Leaving high blood pressure untreated can lead to heart disease and stroke. Exceedingly high blood pressure (systolic pressure over 180 or diastolic pressure over 110) is a medical emergency.