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( — July 4, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ — New business owners and entrepreneurs share at least one thing in common: they need funding to turn their ideas into a business! Crowdfunding campaigns and investor-seeking TV shows are part of the growing momentum towards creating these mutually beneficial arrangements. The ultimate goal is to allow investors be part of something that ultimately makes them money, and startups get access to the resources and funding that they desperately need.

On the downside, there are many compliance issues and legalities that come into play. The deals made on TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit don’t always pan out as shown on-screen, and nothing is official until the contracts are signed. Crowdfunding websites are notoriously expensive to use and pose legal risks to both the fundraising parties and the investors/funders. Many have run into trouble when it comes to defining their terms and processes, such as donations vs. revenue, and pledges vs. commitments.

Sprowtt, a financial technology company with a solid background of legal compliance, was founded in 2012. More recently, this company launched Sprowtt Crowdfunding Inc. as a safe alternative for investors and early stage companies. Mark Jones, founder and chairman of Sprowtt, personally worked to craft legislation that clarifies the requirements and helps to regulate crowdfunding platforms. Mark Jones has in integral role in the JOBS Act (Jump Start Our Business Startups), which was enacted in 2015.

The new Sprowtt website connects small early stage businesses to venture growth capital. Like many others, Sprowtt’s crowdfunding platform is digital. Practically all of the functionality is handled through the new Sprowtt crowdfunding website from the application process to the fundraising itself. There is also an ambassador program that rewards people who refer U.S.-based companies to Sprowtt. When applications for American businesses are accepted and listed on Sprowtt, the ambassador gets rewarded $2,000 for the referral.

Functionality is obviously a very important part of the Sprowtt website. The site is mobile friendly and highly responsive to any size or type of device. All integrated forms are easy to use and there is a highly developed data intake process. All of the links on the site are working, and the navigation is well organized to make information easy to find.

Security is of the upmost importance for any website that handles financial transactions and data collection. According to the information found on the Company Features page, the backend of this website is legit. The servers are controlled and monitored 100% of the time. Firewalls and intrusion detection effectively repels any potential hackers. The member functionality is protected by a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to keep all personal information absolutely secure.

There are two different tracks for visitors to take on this website. One is for investors and the other is for companies seeking funding partners. The steps are very clearly presented, making it easy for a visitor to begin the process of becoming active on Sprowtt. An investor can register, browse for companies, view proposals, commit to funding, become a shareholder, and get access to all reporting. A company can raise money through Sprowtt by following a five-step process. Preparing the offering, reviewing and revising, going live, and interacting with shareholders all lead up to closing the deal.

The development of this site was put into the capable hands at DotCom Global Media, a web design and digital marketing company. DotCom Global Media has worked with a vast range of businesses over the past twenty years, from Fortune 100 companies to family-owned businesses and startup-level entrepreneurs. 

Owner and senior web developer Sam Natello is joined by his wife Anna Natello in leading a team of website designers, content writers, and social media managers. Their office is located in the heart of Atlantic County, New Jersey. Sam has built hundreds of custom websites for clients at DotCom Global Media. His digital marketing team is currently working with dozens of clients to drive online traffic and increase engagement on a monthly basis. 

If you’re planning to develop a professional website like the one for Sprowtt Crowdfunding, hire a team of web design professionals to do the work. It takes a particular set of skills to launch a website like this one. It requires someone who has true development capabilities rather than getting someone to use a template with stock images and dummy text.

If you want to attract serious investors or customers who are willing to put their money on the line, your website needs to establish credibility, security, and have a high level of functionality. It’s very hard to fake it when it comes to a website design. Business people and educated consumers can tell the difference between a solid website design and a surface-level website that was just thrown together. The most important goal is to show your company’s authority and build confidence in the visitors.

Once the new Sprowtt site was launched and search engines began crawling it, traffic numbers steadily increased. The call-to-action is clear on every page, and the user experience is much better than it was on the old website. Lead generation and traffic is another part of designing a great website. If you want people to find your website and you want visitors to eventually become customers, you’ll need to incorporate search engine optimization and content marketing, and implement a solid marketing strategy.

DotCom Global Media can handle everything from website design and development to digital marketing strategy. They post valuable, informative articles every week on the DotCom Blog. They provide training webinars and consultations for businesspeople. DotCom’s ongoing study of NJ Website Design is one of the most useful tools out there for website designers and business owners. It shows a detailed analysis of the business websites in many towns and counties surrounding the DotCom headquarters.

 “When all is said and done, your website is the most important business investment you can make. This is how people will find out about your business, and this is where they’ll do any pre-purchase activity like research and price comparing,” says Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney, the content manager at DotCom Global Media. “Whether your website is a crowdfunding platform or you’re representing a single standing restaurant at the Jersey Shore, your site will have a direct impact on your sales. I’ve seen this proven across many different industries.”

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