Trump Halts Oval Office Call to Compliment Reporter

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( — July 4, 2017) — The president is constantly making the headlines as a result of controversial comments and decision – something that we all became used to in the run up to the elections last year and since he was voted into office.

Anyone that has been streaming the various live news sites such as fox news live streaming may have heard about his latest unusual move where he halted an Oval Office call with the Irish Prime Minister just so that he could compliment a female reporter that was in the room.

Reporter told she had a nice smile

The president often dominates the political pages on sites such as Fox Breaking News. Now, he’s done it once again. Trump was on a call in the Oval Office with the new Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. As he spoke to the Prime Minister, he told him that there were a lot of beautiful Irish people from the media in the room. He then proceeded to call one female reporter over to where he was sitting at the Truman desk.

When the reporter, Caitriona Perry, walked over to the president, he asked her where she was from while still on the phone to the Irish PM. He then proceeded to tell the reporter that she had a beautiful smile. Ms Perry had been invited to the Oval Office along with a number of other reporters, and said that she had been able to catch his eye while in there.

Members of the press are normally located outside, but in this instance Trump invited them in so that they could hear him congratulate Varadkar. Trump’s gesture has been described as bizarre and some social media users have gone as far as to describe it as ‘vile’. The move did raise a few nervous giggles within the Oval Office from other members of the media – some possibly believing they might be next in line to be called over.

Trump then went on to tell the reporter that the Irish Prime Minister had asked him to thank her for the newspapers. Some American women have even taken to social media to apologize to Perry on behalf of the president, whose remark was seen as inappropriate and sexist. One woman from the United States described the president as a ‘weird, inappropriate creep’. Another citizen, a male, said that the president ‘called you over to look you over’.

The comment that was made to Perry may have been innocent enough, but it has sparked a flurry of interest in past accusations of sexual misconduct that have been made against Trump. A number of women have accused Trump of this type of behavior in the past but he has always denied their allegations.

In the meantime, Perry posted a video of the incident, which she recorded on her mobile, on social media. Her post received a number of apologetic responses from Americans, many of whom seemed embarrassed and mortified by the actions of their president.