New York’s Top Illusionist Expands Client Base With New Shows

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( — July 4, 2017) New York, NY — The leading Corporate illusionist, mentalist, and pickpocket in New York, Illusionist Matias Letelier, had had a stellar 2017 so far with both new and existing clients booking his talent for innovative shows to showcase their products or celebrate milestones. Businesses are only just beginning to learn how magic can infuse itself with business for entertaining results. Matias Letelier is sought after as a masterful illusionist who specializes in unique business events in and around New York City. He is gaining success and expanding the options and types of events he has available for companies throughout the area.

Mr. Letelier has introduced some of his newest corporate events such as those for new product launches and product activations while continuing to include his most popular event which is called “Magic & Wine”. Many companies have found that traditional events simply don’t get the attention or enthusiasm of staff or customers. This is why many companies are now looking for new ways to present new products to the market and opportunities for clients – thus seeking out solutions that Matias so expertly provides – custom tailored to their specific situation, goals, and desired outcomes.

Matias is an experienced illusionist who speaks with an accent that many find charming and he amazes the audience as he performs his magic up close and personal while surrounded by those watching. Those who attend his corporate events find themselves totally engaged by the performance often laughing uncontrollably from his comedy that is clean and appropriate for a business event.

In 2017, with the introduction of his newest events including those for promoting new products or product activations, he has significantly expanded his reach and companies are beginning to pay attention and order more events with Matias. Matias is a Chilean-American illusionist who rose to the top as a New York City Corporate illusionist after being inspired by his uncle.

After experiencing a stellar year in 2016, Matias chose to add new types of events to help companies throughout Manhattan and all of New York City. His live events give companies an opportunity to move beyond the boredom of traditional PowerPoint slides and other similar presentations. His “Magic & Wine” show provides a highly entertaining and unique business event that allows participants to watch his magic up close while equally enjoying the wine and learning more about them.

Matias is considered the top corporate illusionist, mentalist, and pickpocket in the city of New York and performs shows specifically for corporate events, product launches, corporate holiday parties, and team building events. Companies and their members have found that these types of events are a great way to break away from tired, old types of traditional corporate presentations.

Any company wanting to book an event should do so with advance notice, because if the first half of 2017 is any indication, this year is going to be another record for Fun Corporate Magic.

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